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wayfair ceo steps down

Snopes Blindly Defends Wayfair And CEO With No Evidence

Creator of Today’s Five joined podcast “The Rabbit Hole” this week to defend the claims in this article, as well as demand...
nypd shootings

NYC On Track To Pass Chicago And Detroit In Homicides

NYC is seeing some of it's most violent days in over 20 years. From extensive gun violence to rouge arson, NYPD has...
did ilhan omar marry her brother

Did Ilhan Omar Actually Marry Her Brother?

I have to admit something going into this one. Generally when a controversy such as this one comes across my desk I...

Video: Teens Accidentally Light Apartment Of Elderly Man On Fire In Brooklyn

Now I know it’s 4th of July, but we can have a little courtesy here. If rockets are hitting your neighbors windows...

16 Year Old Shot Dead In Seattle Inside CHOP – Police Released Footage

"The 16-year-old boy shot dead inside Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone has been named as Antonio Mays Jr.  Mays...
white cop tases black guy

Police Officer Arrested For Tasing Black Man Twice

Video from DailyMail How do you find yourself in this situation dude. Look around you. Do...
texas reopening

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Pauses All Reopening, ICU’s At 97% Capacity

We all knew that Texas was one of the states expecting a Corona spike. However, even experts did to expect record breaking...
NYC Fireworks Mystery

NYC Fireworks Mystery Gets Weirder, Video Shows FDNY With Fireworks

The NYC Fireworks Mystery just took a sharp left. The plot has thickened. The NYC fireworks mystery has taken...

Brooklyn Teen Facing Charges For Throwing Firework Into Home, Injuring Toddler (Video)

Another unfortunate event happened during the NYC fireworks this week, leading to an arrest last night. A 15 year old Brooklyn resident...
fireworks deblasio

Two Men Caught Smuggling $6,000 Worth Of Fireworks Into NYC, DeBlasio Releases Them

"Matthew King, 35, and Rayval Singh, 22, were returning from a fireworks shopping spree at a store in Pennsylvania when FDNY fire...