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Zomedica Pharmaceuticals (ZOM) – The Next Penny Stock To Explode

I really shouldn't have to justify my expertise in penny stocks at this point. Instead just check the list of stocks I...

Inovio Awarded $9.2 Million By Swiss Coalition For Phase II –...

"Inovio has launched preclinical testing for clinical product manufacturing. INO-4800 development is also supported now by a recent $9.2 million grant from...
make $100 today

5 Creative Ways To Make $100 Today

So you're still unemployed, rent is due, and benefits are running out. The outlook of another stimulus check coming is bleak. And...
kanye michael jackson

Kanye Claims Media Will Kill Him Like They Killed Michael Jackson

Kanye is done being controlled by Universal Music. The Chicago rapper has been on a Twitter frenzy all morning. Firing at Universal...
mars fossil

Fossil Found On Mars Points To Ancient Ocean Life, According To...

Specualtion on the newly found Mars fossil has been generating a lot of buzz and theories in the scientific community.
joe biden nascar

Joe Biden Explains “NASCAR Is A Woman’s Sport”

Well Joe, I thought you were going to take some time off after the whole Toilet Gate scandal. But now Joe Biden...
curt schilling arrested

Curt Schilling Arrested – Allegedly Involved In Crowdfunding Fraud

Today's Five is now receiving reports that ex-Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has also been arrested and is in custody. Although charges...
portland antifa

Antifa Declares The City Of Portland A “Sovereign State”

The old expression rings true here. Give 'em an inch, and they will take a mile. Well the Antifa rioters in Portland...
danielle muscato

Danielle Muscato Tries To Have Kroger Employee Fired – #KrogerAndy

Danielle Muscato is a perfect example of why people are confused politically these days. And also is the reason #KrogerAndy is trending...
aoc tik-tok

AOC Calls Tik-Tok An “American Right” – Says Removal Would Be...

In a tweet sent out from the staffing account of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC referred to the choice to own a Tik-Tok app...