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nyc woman deliveryman

NYC Woman Raped, Attacker Disguised As Deliveryman

This is one of those stories that leaves you with a serious pit in your stomach. It is not only tragic, but...
irs stimulus check

When Will I Get My IRS Stimulus Check?

With the second stimulus bill finally passed, many Americans are wondering: When will I receive my IRS stimulus check?

Life Sentence For Florida Man, Raped And Impregnated 10-year-old

More crazy news out of Florida… Central Florida resident Rony Otoniel Mendez, 26 years old, has been sentenced to...

Woman Defecates In NYC Macy’s After Refusing To Wear Mask

Based off witness reports sent in to Today's Five, a woman in NYC resorting to defecating inside the Herald Square Macy's after...

Joe Biden Facing Ridicule After Revealing He “Sits On The Toilet Backwards”

At the end of a press conference that can only be described as nothing less than bizarre, presidential candidate Joe Biden wrapped...

Ravi Bhalla Continues To Choke Out Hoboken Businesses

Ravi Bhalla has once again hit the small businesses of Hoboken with a sucker punch.  After making bars and...
trump backstage

Trump Posted Casting Call On Backstage For “Black Males” To Attend Tucson Rally

First revealed on Instagram by @doriwaymer, evidence has leaked that the Trump campaign team posted a casting call to Backstage for black...
rick scott covid

GOP Senator Rick Scott Lying About Covid-19 Results – Tested Positive This Morning

Senator Rick Scott from Florida has revealed on Saturday that he has tested positive for Covid-19. A reporter...
proud boys portland

Why The Proud Boys In Portland Need To Be Taken Seriously

The Proud Boys have been a hot topic for a few days now. But the Proud Boys have been an organization for...
george zimmerman dui charges

George Zimmerman Arrested In Atlanta On DUI Charges

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder in the case of Trayvon Martin will once again find himself in court. At around...