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joe biden mastermind obamagate

Joe Biden Claims To Be The “Mastermind” Behind ‘Obamagate’

The allegations against Trump in regards to working with Russia in the 2016 election have been disproved, and as expected, the president...

NYC Protest Locations For Tonight – What To Expect

Between statements made by the NYPD and representatives of BLM, we are able to confirm where the most prominent NYC protest locations...
Andrew Yang Ashamed To Be Asian

Andrew Yang Tells Washington Post He Is Ashamed To Be Asian

Andrew Yang, the young American political commentator and entrepreneur, is in hot water with the Asian community for recent remarks he made...
stimulus check round two approved

Stimulus Check Round Two Expected To Be Approved

Despite all the protests and curfews that are occurring across the country on a nightly basis, the Coronavirus pandemic is still an underlying...

Two National Guard Members Literally Struck By Lightning In DC Protests

Early Friday morning two members of the National Guard were struck by lightning. The two were deployed to monitor and keep the...

Riots Increase As United States Orders State Border Shutdowns: National Guard Deployed

As peaceful protests turn to violent riots across the country, United States officials need everyone to remember the Coronavirus pandemic is still...
nypd officers ram protesters

Two NYPD Officers Ram Vehicles Into BLM Protesters, No Arrests Made

"Footage has emerged of two NYPD officers ram into protesters. Two SUVs ramming into a group of protesters in Brooklyn Saturday during the city’s...
mayor de blasio no spine

NYC Mayor de Blasio Has Officially Proven He Has No Spine

The soft-spoken wishy-washy mayor of New York City that no one even remembers electing really showed his true colors yesterday during his...
george zimmerman dui charges

George Zimmerman Arrested In Atlanta On DUI Charges

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder in the case of Trayvon Martin will once again find himself in court. At around...
George Floyd Funeral Costs

Shop Owner Who Called Police Officer Offers To Pay George Floyd Funeral Costs

The owner of Cup Foods, the man who called the police officer on George Floyd, has now offered to pay funeral costs...