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NASA Has Discovered A New Planet – Very Similar To Earth

If the recent team-up with Space-X for a launch wasn't enough, NASA is now announcing that they have discovered a new planet....
black trans lives matter

Black Trans Lives Matter Protest Starting To Turn Violent In Brooklyn

Although the Black Trans Lives matter protest was going well all morning and early afternoon, this peace did not last forever. By...
is south africa dangerous

Is South Africa Dangerous? 6 Safety Tips For Tourists From A...

Is South Africa Dangerous? We asked a Today's Five correspondent who lives in South Africa ( Roodepoort, Gauteng) to answer that question...
coolest tiny homes

The 5 Coolest Tiny Homes Ever Built

Everything is getting smaller these days, phones, computers, Minimalism is on its way up, and people are starting to be more aware...
joe biden mastermind obamagate

Joe Biden Claims To Be The “Mastermind” Behind ‘Obamagate’

The allegations against Trump in regards to working with Russia in the 2016 election have been disproved, and as expected, the president...
billie eilish Scientologist

Billie Eilish Joins Up As A Scientologist – According To Sources

Billie Eilish burst into the music scene with her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? At the...

Hertz (HTZ) Delisting Appeal Expected To Take Weeks

In a crazy turn of events over the past week, Hertz (HTZ) was able to turn bankruptcy news into a stock value...

NYC Protest Locations For Tonight – What To Expect

Between statements made by the NYPD and representatives of BLM, we are able to confirm where the most prominent NYC protest locations...
Andrew Yang Ashamed To Be Asian

Andrew Yang Tells Washington Post He Is Ashamed To Be Asian

Andrew Yang, the young American political commentator and entrepreneur, is in hot water with the Asian community for recent remarks he made...
stocks buy this week

Three Travel Stocks To Invest In This Week Before They Explode

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) Currently $23.38 The general advice given from all investors right now is to...