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jax gay vanderpump rules

Evidence Emerges That Jax From Vanderpump Rules Is Secretly Gay

"This season on Vanderpump Rules, the speculation that Jax Taylor may have had a relationship with a guy during his modeling days in Miami popped back up again...
t2 biosystems stock

T2 Biosystems Stock (TTOO) Is About To Explode

T2 Biosystems stock has already risen 54% in the last month alone. From around .50 a share to .85. This includes a...
the color girls are most attracted to

The Color Girls Are Most Attracted To

If you have found yourself here, I am going to assume you are a single guy looking for any advantage whatsoever in...

Inovio Awarded $9.2 Million By Swiss Coalition For Phase II

"Inovio has launched preclinical testing for clinical product manufacturing. INO-4800 development is also supported now by a recent $9.2 million grant from...
woman suing indeed

Woman Suing Indeed After Being Raped By Manager At Orientation

Indeed, the tech company known for helping people find jobs, is now in the hot seat for helping upper management get out...
suny school harry potter

If Every SUNY School Was A Harry Potter Character

OK everyone is getting REAL upset about these. Leave comments in the comment section stop sending me direct hate mail I don't...

Trump Expected To Veto Second Coronavirus Relief Package

"President Donald Trump shot down the massive new Democratic coronavirus relief package ahead of a planned House vote Friday. "DOA. Dead...

Drug Dealer Pardoned By President Obama Kills Family Of 3

There are assertions of a murderer pardoned by Obama all over Twitter right now. Now the left is correct in saying that...
hottest female chess players

Top Five Hottest Female Chess Players

We’re doing something a bit different today on Page 3. Ranking the hottest female chess players across the globe.
tomi lahren without makeup

HOLD UP: Have You Seen Tomi Lahren Without Makeup?

Not gonna lie, Tomi Lahren was in like, my unofficial top 10. You can’t even imagine Tomi Lahren ugly (or so you...