zombie deer disease

And no this isn’t like when the people in Miami took too many drugs and started eating faces. This is actual zombie deer disease. The CDC has already confirmed that the disease puts the deer in a zombie like state. Zombie deer are confirmed.

“TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Center for Disease Control issued a warning about a deadly disease spreading in the United States. 

Chronic wasting disease, known as the “zombie deer disease,” is an illness that infects the brain, spine and tissue of deer, elk and moose.

According to the CDC, the disease gets its start infecting prion proteins in the brain, and is passed through contact with contaminated body fluids and tissue.

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Actual picture of ex-friendly neighborhood deer who was infected by zombie deer disease

Afflicted animals show symptoms such as emaciation from forgetting to eat, excessive drooling and stumbling.

There are no treatments or vaccines for CWD, and the disease is fatal.” – News10

Those infected with Zombie Deer Disease seem to be attracted to Cracker Barrels based on geographical data

So not a problem, except for deer lovers. right? Wrong.

Also from News 10 –
“The CDC has raised the alarm about the potential for CWD to infect humans, as a July 2017 study has shown monkeys who ate infected deer meat contracted the disease. “

CBS has also confirmed that the zombie deer disease is spreading to humans and that the end is not only eminent, but near.

” It is my best professional judgment based on my public health experience… that it is probable that human cases of CWD associated with the consumption of contaminated meat will be documented in the years ahead. It is possible that number of human cases will be substantial and will not be isolated events,” he said, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. ” –cbsnews

You can click here usatoday

For more info on how to avoid bear fish- I mean zombie deer disease.

USA Today’s list on how to avoid catching zombie deer disease is below, aside from the obvious. (Don’t have sex with people who have zombie deer disease).

1. Don’t Touch Roadkill

If you didn’t kill it, or you didn’t buy it in a store, don’t eat it! It’s pretty simple really. As tempting as that flattened road pie looks just go to McDonald’s instead. You’ll be supporting your colon and your country. Or just cut out deer all together, like 90% of America has already been doing… because deer are essentially giant rats why are people eating them….

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“Mmmm lemme suck on that rat deer tit”

2. Where Gloves When Field-Dressing a Deer

Um if this applies to you, then I don’t know. You play with fire you might get burned. You don’t want aid’s don’t go anal raw, you don’t want zombie deer disease, don’t go Hannibal Lecter on wild animals. Or do, but these are the risks.

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“It took me like 45 min to finish the shading on your upper lip

3. Don’t Feed The Deer Without Gloves

I feel like this should be shortened to “Don’t feed the deer”, but that would probably make me a liberal snowflake cuck right?

*Some Dad in Idaho*
“REAL boys touch animals and feed them things with their hands!”

So if you must touch the wild animals and then feed them and then complain why they keep coming to your lawn at least where gloves before you let you 11 year old shoot them with the BB gun.

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^VERY Dangerous


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