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Woman Defecates In NYC Macy’s After Refusing To Wear Mask


Based off witness reports sent in to Today’s Five, a woman in NYC resorting to defecating inside the Herald Square Macy’s after being denied service for not wearing a mask.

This is not the first of these disgusting outbursts we have seen.

But, as expected, the craziness in the middle of NYC is just a little bit crazier than what you will find in California. Low lives in NYC are of a different breed.

Saugus Police: Women Shoplift After Hiding In Macy's – CBS Boston
Suspect pictured above

We don’t have much to go off until police reports come out, but as absurd as this is, it’s unfortunately not that surprising for more NYC residents. Especially ones who have seen the extremes people will go to not wear a mask. Or express their right to not wear one.

Although taking a dump in the Jewelry section is not one of your rights. So she kind of through her argument out the window when she did that.

Allegedly the woman took off running after she pinched her loaf. There are no witnesses who can confirm or deny if she wiped.

Macy’s representative have explained they are “certain” the NYPD will be able to find and apprehend this woman. Given their success in apprehending past shop lifters. Even ones that were wearing masks.

Macy's Will Build Skyscraper On Top Of Herald Square Flagship ...

I feel sorry for whoever had to clean up the most likely Corona-infected deuce. We currently have no images or descriptions on the texture or look of feces. For the sake of the employee, I hope she has a well balanced diet and it came out in one nice cylinder. But I think it’s much more likely she has a diet based mostly on Diet Pepsi and Chik-Fil-A so unfortunately it may have come out watery or discolored.

Regardless of the shape of feces, there is no need to leave a Cleveland Steamer on the counter of the Jewelry section. (Yes I feel the same way about every section, not just Jewelry.)

Also, how does one even take a dump like that on top of a counter with everyone watching? Do you care that little about what other think about you?

I knew the “anti-mask” people yelling at 15 year olds that are just trying to do their job were shameless. But I didn’t know it was at this level…


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