who is wizard skull

When you think NYC unsigned artist words like hungry, poor, or depressed are the first to come to mind. While Wizard Skull may go through patches of being hungry or poor, you will never catch this man doing anything other than what he wants to do and what he loves to do. Who is Wizard Skull? Wizard Skull is for sure an enigma, but it only takes a little digging into his confusing exterior to find that his lifestyle truly is inspiring.

who is wizard skull
Wizard Skull – @wizardskull

You could go to @wizardskull and check out his Instagram page. If you have never heard of him it might be better to get a quick look. But I promise you, it will leave you with more questions than answers.

Wizard Skull was nice enough to have a conversation with me. A conversation I hoped would put some of my questions about him to rest.

who is wizard skull
Wizard Skull – @wizardskull

First thing I will say about Wizard Skull, I can tell he is genuinely a good person. He may rub people the wrong way with his extremes views against anything he may deem as “fake” or corporate, especially when his retorts seem more sarcastic than anything else, but his true fans understand him more than you know.

Plus Wizard Skull is an NYC born and raised artist. So he’s good in my book off that alone.

But once he shutdown his studio allowing only Instagram members with 35K+ followers I was beyond confused. Here is a man who seems to pride himself on not caring. Yet here he is flexing instragam followers. I still don’t know how serious he was or what his intentions were, but from a social media perspective, the stunt was genius.


MEEK: Who is Wizard Skull? Did you have a career before painting or was it always art?

WIZARD: What’s a career? What do you mean by career?

M: Haha I like that. So life has been making art? But I mean you have to make money somehow.

W: I’ve always made art. I’ve worked jobs that don’t involve making art. I wouldn’t call those jobs a career though. I wasn’t trying to level up in them. I was like whatever. I turned down manager positions and stuff. I wanted least amount of responsibility as possible.

M: You must have responsibility some places. You seem to be all over the place. Must be deadlines and things?

W: I’m an artist I focus on painting. I do other things but it’s all for fun. I don’t have a job right now. I work on my art like 10 hours a day everyday.

M: Quick side-note, I noticed you were selling the 35K+ protests signs for 250 bananas.. did anyone actually buy them?

W: I took them down cuz I decided I wanted to keep them. Actually I threw them in garbage cuz I had to move stuff out of gallery and didn’t feel like carrying them.

M: I noticed in general you have high price tags, understandable as it is custom/hand done work. Do you have trouble selling the paintings? If so do you have other things you do to bring in income?

W: Nothing I don’t care about money. I can get by with none.

M: You have to pay rent for that studio no?

W: I use to sell merch like pins and stuff. And I have money from that. I just don’t spend money.

M: How much of a role does social media have in your success?

W: I don’t even need social media. I was getting my art all over the world before I ever had an Instagram…I shout out a lot of other artists just to help more people know about them… social media to me is just a portfolio to show your work.

M: Who do you think your main demographic is?

W: Anyone alive.

M: You have a lot of variety.

W: I make art for anyone. I don’t make art and then analyze what I think a specific group of people is like and how they would respond.

M: Right, leave that to the suits.

W: I don’t like working for corporations… Some company messaged me about beard oils. I thought that would be funny. But I’m not trying to lend artistic voice to Pepsi or red bull or anything like that.

M: That would be funny. Now I have to ask. That 35K thing HAD to be a PR stunt. Level with me on that at least.

W: No that was all real. I explained it all in the videos. I didn’t let any low numbers in.

In my entire life I have never met someone so carefree, so free from worrying about what others think, all while genuinly being a good person. No one understands what it’s like to be a true artist like Wizard Skull.

So who is Wizard Skull? In a time where likes are more important than connection, he may be the last true artist we have left.


AND CHECK OUT HIS SITE wizardskull.com

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