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Who Is Jan Guy? The Trendiest Influencer In NYC

who is jan guy

Who is Jan Guy?

If you live in the NYC area you probably follow her. Even though you never met her. Aside from (obviously) being a total smoke show.

And MAYBE possibly the hottest girl in NYC, but what is catapulting her into Instagram stardom?

We can pretty much break it down into 4 main reasons.

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first:

4. Jan Guy Is Like REALLY Hot

who is jan guy

Well, unsurprisingly, being incredibly hot probably gives her a bit of a boost.

who is jan guy

The Buffalo born blonde bombshell is currently sitting on 80K Instagram followers. Poised to break into the 6 digits.

But we all know that being hot certainty helps, usually it’s not enough on it’s own to create Instagram fame.

3. She’s All Over The City Promoting Restaurants

Well, up until the lockdown hit at least.

She is known for being ALL over the city. It’s pretty clear venues and event halls reach out to her. Giving her either free stuff or actual cash too show up and take a pic showing off her melons and holding a martini.

who is jan guy

And it’s NYC. With every venue she goes to and tags herself, she not only meets new connects in person. She gains new followers by tapping into a market that didn’t know about her.

Speaking of those melons, it looks like she’s as obsessed with them as we are.

who is jan guy
who is jan guy

And everyone is VERY OK with it.

2. Jan Guy Is NYC AF

who is jan guy

Even though she was born in Buffalo, she lives and bleeds NYC and the lifestyle and culture around it. Babes like her are the reason places like Slate and 1Oak even exist. Without hotties like this there is no NYC. And from looking at her feed, you can tell she loves NYC just as much as it loves her.

Through the lockdown, she has been in NYC. And it may not count for much outside the city. But for New Yorkers, it means something.

jan guy hot

This photo above ^^ is arguably the best thing to come out of quarantine. Like, wow.

4. Jan Guy Is The Trendiest Influencer In NYC

Jan Guy is not strictly melon and gym pics. She has style. And so does her feed. Crazy outfits that she pulls off everytime, hipster like quotes or vague images, the grainy filters.

All of this adds to the brand that is Jan Guy

Confidence on another level with this one. Another big reason for her success.

So Who Is Jan Guy?

She’s just a super hot girl in NYC to take note of. She’ll be famous soon enough.

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