Who are the gaycornerlads?

Originally confined to TikTok, a group of students from the U.K. are slowly rising to internet stardom by posting videos containing chaotic cuts of dancing coupled with an equal amount of high intensity horsing-around. They call themselves the Gaycornerlads. But who are the Gaycornerlads? And how have they achieved viral success?

If you don’t know who the gaycornerlads are, watch this video to the left before you read on. This should sum up essentially what they do.

Let’s breakdown the gang-

1. Kieran (Raffo)

Kieran is without a doubt the fan favorite of the gaycornerlads. He boasts the highest following count on his personal Instagram (pushing 14K followers at the moment), and if that’s not enough, just check any of the comment sections on TikTok where girls are constantly confessing how much they “fancy” this TikTok celeb.

Kieran (Raffo) from Gaycornerlads

Kieran took the TikTok audience by storm, mainly with his perfected default dance. Tuning in to see Raffo’s daily default-dance became a ritual for many TikTok fans and helped rocket the gaycornerlads into fame. There is no doubt that Raffo and his default dance is a HUGE part of the gaycornerlads success.

who are the gaycornerlads

So who are the gaycornerlads? And how have they become so successful? The popularity of Raffo’s default dance as well as his ability to swoon the females of TikTok is undoubtedly a huge piece of the gaycornerlads success.

2. Emile (Red Coat)

From the outside, it definitely appears that Emile is the target of a lot of the groups jests. (All in fun I’m sure). There seems to be a running joke that he always wears the same outfit, hence the red coat name as well as the onslaught of “it’s called a washing machine” comments. It’s not hard to gather that this is an inside joke among the gaycornerlads.

Rest assured, we have found a photo of Emile WITHOUT the red coat-

who are the gaycornerlads

Fresh cut AND a new wardrobe? That Smartwater sponsorship must have finally kicked in!

3. Liam (Ukulele Boy)

Liam is my personal favorite. When people ask, who are the gaycornerlads? Liam may not be the first name or face to come to mind, but he is the grit and foundation that is not only important to the group, but really highlights what the gaycornerlads are all about. Senseless violence with a catchy song in the background.

Who are the gaycornerlads? Nothing without bruisers like Liam and Phil

No one on the squad takes hits like Liam does. Evidenced by the fact he even shattered his phone in one of these “stunts”. I put stunts in air-quotes because really I can’t tell how much planning goes into these productions. It looks like more or less they just send Phil off to hit Liam and see how it goes. A solid strategy that is not only clearly effective, but makes you respect Liam’s tough and scrappy nature even more.

And of course we can’t forget that Liam is probably the most agile/flexible (flips and all that). Couple that with his ukulele and it’s clear why he is such a pillar for the gaycornerlads.

4. Jack (Simmo)

Like Liam, Jack helps us answer the question of who are the gaycornerlads by being a team player. While he does not have the dancing ability, or size of some of the others, he more than makes up for this with he reckless abandon for the sake of good content.

Whether it’s doing helicopters with Phil or getting barreled down while he is doing a handstand with a push pop in his mouth, Simmo is always there to do what’s needed to give each gaycornerlads video a little extra sauce in the background. It’s why the group has dubbed him “permanently in sicko mode”.

5. Phil (The Dad)

who are the gaycornerlads

Instagram – @azza_muxr

Even tho he is a father of 3, with the responsibilities any father has, Phil is always down to do some spins with the boys.

Aside from the fact he’s good natured and always up for a brewski with the lads, a group like gaycornerlads, and unstoppable force in the form of a large speeding ginger is a crucial part of the groups ability to crank out high quality content.

6. Aidan (Speccers)

who are the gaycornerlads

Instagram – @aidansargeant

It is near impossible to find any info on Aidan. We hope he reaches out to us as we would love to do an exclusive interview with him and get to the bottom of this mysterious enigma.

Despite revealing his face and name, he gives us about as much as the Camera Guy does in regards to personality. Then again, that could be part of the act.

7. Scott (Gucci Boy)

I could be wrong (and super fans if I am, please correct me in the comments), but I feel like Gucci Boy was not one of the original members.

It seems he has only appeared in the more recent videos. There most importantly to flex his Gucci belt (which is very much real). If he is new, I have a feeling the gaycornerlads only brought him on for the belt and his 2nd room in his room.

Or perhaps he was brought in as competition for Raffo in the fangirling department. A quick look at the comments section will reveal Gucci Boy is a clear second when it comes to which of the gaycornerlads are “fancied” the most.

8. The Camera Guy

who are the gaycornerlads
Instagram – @brooklynbr4

This reflection off of Phil’s sunglasses is the closest thing we have to seeing what the Camera Guy looks like.

Unfortunately (albeit, hysterically) the boys cover up the face of the lad behind the camera. Instead of giving my outlandish guesses, I will leave you with the current top 3 theories on who The Camera Guy is. In no particular order.

  1. The Camera Guy doesn’t exist. All of them take turns, and pretend he is an anonymous figure for the extra attention it garners.
  2. Raffo has a twin. This twin is The Camera Guy.
  3. The Camera Guy is actually The Camera LADY (some speculate Simmo’s girlfriend), and the gaycornerlads are just waiting for the time to reveal.

Who are the gaycornerlads?

In the end, the gaycornerlads are just a cool group of lads who like making videos. And lucky for them, people like them. Help them get a sponsorship with Smartwater by clicking here!

TRIVIA QUESTION: Where did the gaycornerlads get their name from?

ANSWER: The area in their school where they make most of their videos is referred to as “the gay corner”, hence they are the gay corner lads. (No homo of course).

Check out the gaycornerlads on Instagram!

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  1. You are correct that Scott is not original Scott and Emile are not original gay corner lads you forgot to state that

  2. I can confirm that none of your theories are true. The camera man is a camera MAN, he is one person who is not related to any of the lads.


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