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White Claw Reviews 2021 (We Tried Them All)


Summer is right around the corner, and White Claw has released some newbies for us. The official White Claw Reviews of 2021 will also contain the original flavors as well.

Drum roll please…

Black Cherry White Claw Review

black cherry white claw reviews

We’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way. When it comes to White Claw reviews Black Cherry is pretty much always at the top. Ask anyone at Montclair State. 

Despite the harsh name this one goes down easy and by claw number 3 the taste becomes so subtle it’s pretty much crushing seltzers at that point. 

We’ll go ahead and give this one a solid rating, due to its general popularity.


Mango White Claw Review

mango white claw reviews

Mango White Claw surprised me. Not gonna lie. 

I was pretty sure this one was going to be awful. (Variety pack number 2 is a rough one). 

First sip, not bad. 2 seconds later, as usual, the bitterness hits. But it’s quick. Again, get through 3-4 and you’ll hardly taste it. 

Mango was not their best shot.

Still, of the four in the variety pack, Mango is probably the best. Which isn’t saying much. But it’s slightly impressive White Claw was able to take Mango flavoring and make it drinkable for someone who probably couldn’t finish a whole mango. 


Watermelon White Claw Review

watermelon white claw reviews

What a disappointment this one was… 

To be fair, I never should have expected Watermelon flavored alcohol to be awful. Watermelon on it’s own hardly tastes like anything. 

But White Claw outdid itself because this one doesn’t even taste like watermelon. It tastes more like expired medicine for babies with slow growing teeth.

After the initial sip you might just think all is fine. 

Boom 2 seconds later it hits you. At first you think you smell a gas leak. Then you realize it’s just the “beverage” you are enjoying.

Seriously I have no idea how they managed to create such a terrible, terrible tasting seltzer. 

BUT, the can is pretty cool. (I like the colored thing in the top whatever that is called). So we will add 2 points to the score.  


Natural Lime White Claw Review

natural lime white claw reviews

Continuing our White Claw Reviews we get to Lime. Classic. Easy. 

These ones are probably in my personal top 3. 

Even though they usually hang around until the bottom half of the pack, they aren’t the worst thing to find in your fridge. 

A flavor like lime makes it subtle enough to really power through and get to claw number 4 in no time. 


Ruby Grapefruit White Claw Review

ruby grapefruit white claw reviews

Every white girl may disagree with me on this one but I am NOT a fan. 

Without fail, at any party, what are the last 3 cans left in the variety pack? 

3 Ruby Grapefruits staring at you. Oh wait, it’s a Raspberry! Nope still another Grapefruit. 


Raspberry White Claw Review

raspberry white claw reviews

My actual personal favorite. And I know I will get slammed for it. 

Yeah, it kinda tastes like medicine. I still love it. It’s the good kind of medicine taste. The one that tastes like raspberry (probably). 


Lemon White Claw Review

lemon white claw reviews

I really have no idea how they dropped the ball on this one. I was pretty certain that this one would be similar to Lime white claw. 


Not even close. 

Talk about after taste. Sewage in some affluent neighborhoods might leave a better taste in your mouth than this concoction. 

I don’t know how you did it white claw. But when it comes to white claw reviews Lemon is not a star. 


Tangerine White Claw Review

tangerine white claw reviews

I had no idea what to expect going into this one. Mostly because I’m not exactly sure what a Tangerine is. Turns out it is NOT an instrument. 

It is also NOT a good white claw flavor. But it’s not their worst. 

Somewhere in between Watermelon and Lemon. Not a good place to be. 

We’ll give it a flat four. 


Strawberry White Claw Review

strawberry white claw reviews

I was hoping Strawberry White Claw would be as good as Raspberry. 

It’s not. But it’s not that bad either.

Flavor is definitely strong. But when it comes to White Claw, as we have seen through all these White Claw reviews, you never know when they are going to just spike you with the strong flavor. 

Still, don’t hate it. Would recommend.


Blackberry White Claw Review

blackberry white claw reviews

There was a LOT of hype with this one coming out. 

I don’t know why. But there was. 

Like most White Claw flavors it tastes like nothing at first and then the flavor hits. 

For the blackberry you get a little faint aftertaste that isn’t exactly pleasant. But I guess it does kind of taste like blackberry. 


Pineapple White Claw Review

pineapple white claw reviews

I was at like claw number 12 when I got to this one. 

I can hardly taste it. But let’s finish our White Claw Reviews strong here. 

Pineapple gets a 10! (Wait the after taste just kicked in…)


And that concludes the 2021 official White Claw Reviews. All images from whiteclaw.com.


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