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Which Juul Flavor Gives The Best Buzz

The answer won't surprise you! (Unless you are 15)

which juul flavor gives the best buzz

The question that every high schooler is asking. Which Juul flavor gives the best buzz? I know what most are already thinking, do people actually think about this? Or believe that different Juul flavors would give you different types of “buzzes”?

I present to you, opinions from people on reddit who obviously are 15:

Ok Poohbear, your friends are probably saying it doesn’t have a good buzz because you’re the one they like to mess with and you didn’t get menthol like them. They probably are the same “friends” who got you hooked on this usb drive.

And before I continue this rant I want to say two things. I have a Juul so this is not some virtue signaling thing. Second, this isn’t about you Poohbear. this is a large issue. There are others.

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There are a lot of Poohbears out there. They try to find ways to be cool because they got cut from the JV lacrosse team so they hit Juuls in the bathroom and ruin it for people who are actually addicted to cigarettes. and they ask stupid questions on online forums like “Which Juul flavor gives the best buzz?” Probably whichever you one you try first kid! It just goes down hill from there. Kind of how nicotine addiction works.

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If you’re not in high school and you actually got addicted to cigarettes and can’t quit after you finish college. Juul can be a godsend. Sometimes you don’t want to smell in front of new girls you’re hanging out with or a new job you started, or maybe you just hate the general mess and skin and breath damage it causes.

So you switch and you smoke the Juul. At first for times that you can’t have a cigarette, like at the desk or on an airplane. Before long it’s your go to. Do you think it’s “safer”? Or better for you in anyway? Of course not. You aren’t an idiot. It’s vaped oil going into your lungs through a portable stick. But you were addicted to cigarettes and that wasn’t going to stop. You accepted you were probably going to die at 74 because of it so why not roll the dice with Juul and see if it doesn’t kill you faster? Plus it doesn’t smell.

Does this sound like you? If so, you are in the category of people that are supposed to use Juuls. Our lungs are screwed anyway and we won’t ask stupid questions like which Juul flavor gives the best buzz.


Because people who are actually smokers don’t get buzzes from Juuls. They don’t get them from cigarettes either. Those days are long in the past.

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So when I saw on reddit these kids asking which Juul flavor gives the best buzz. I realized something. If a teenager is asking that question, he shouldn’t have a Juul. He’s skipping the boges or the dip and just going straight to electronic addiction. Juul isn’t the enemy. It’s dumb teenagers trying to be cool.

Nicotine addiction is up 5000%, and I can tell you why. It’s because it’s too easy to get addicted.

Getting addicted to cigarettes was hard work. You had to find 6-11 minutes of isolation alone or with a few others. You had to hide the smell from your teachers, your mom, your girlfriend. Clothes reeked, fingers always reeked, you’d get sinus infections and smoke through it and you didn’t even know why.

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If you were going to get hooked on cigarettes at 16 or 17 you had to actually be kind of cool. You had to be willing to live the lifestyle. Smell like it for hours. Have the jacket loaded with all the supplies, the cigs, the lighter, the axe spray. Ready to lie or convince your mom you only smell because your friends were doing it.

Now kids are charging it on their Xbox ones and asking me and the internet which Juul flavor gives the best buzz.

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I know a lot of kids reading this right now are thinking “OK, boomer”…well we’re both addicted to a piece of plastic so there are no real winners here…

So which Juul flavor gives the best buzz? I don’t know kid if you’re asking this question I guess it’s not too late to get a head high if you feel like getting hooked for life. Might as well get a pack of Newports like a man.

Fun fact: This online tracker has mint listed as the number one flavor currently.


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