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What Is An Incel? We Did The Dirty Work, So You Don’t Have To!


Interest over this infamous, yet ominous collection of internet users known as “Incels” has been increasing over the past few months. After the Toronto killer in April declared his act part of “The Incel rebellion”, news outlets from BuzzFeed to The New York Times have been looking into this weird, seemingly transparent yet obviously potentially violent online group. Although this ‘community’ has existed for years, I myself only heard of it recently. What is an Incel? After a little investigation I came across the jackpot. The Incel HQ. /r/Braincels (click with caution). Reddit has shutdown a number of Incel forums on their site, but so far Braincels is flying under the radar. Not far into their very extensive and interesting (alarming?) wiki we can find basic definitions for what makes one an Incel, as well as a definition for the Incel counter-part, “Normie”.

what is an incel

What Is An Incel?

  • Incel: “Involuntary celibate; someone who, for various reasons, cannot enter into a sexual and/or romantic relationship even though they desire such a thing.
  • Normie: Loosely defined, anyone who does not meet the above criteria for an incel.” – TAKEN FROM /r/braincels

So basically, an Incel or braincel is someone who wants to get laid but can’t. Pretty much every guy can relate to this to at least some extent. But these guys take it hardcore. Stories that really make you feel bad. 30 year old men who claim to have never even been kissed. Virgins in their 20’s who have decided they do not possess the traits of physical attraction needed to get any sort of female attention. They claim to be shunned, constantly teased and whispered about by groups of girls repulsed by their very existence. This is the negative vibe that permeates the Incel community.

what is an incel
/r/Braincel would be considered “The Armpit of the Internet” by many…

What is both strange and unique to this sort of community, is the group isn’t gathered to help each other grow or support one another. As is the case with most communities revolved around a primary issue shared in their lives (AA, abuse, diabetes, etc.). Instead, members of braincels converge to sulk and brood amongst company.

See, Incels aren’t a self-help group as I initially (despite their recent negative light in the press) hoped/suspected. They are a group that has decided that they will bottle up the one thing they want most in life, in this case love/relationships/sex, and just admit that they are cursed and will never attain it. Any psychologist can tell you what comes next when you try to bottle up your personal main desire. Anger. Displacement. Blame. And sometimes violence.

They are also obsessed with something called “Canthal Tilt”. (If you don’t know what that means don’t worry, that’s probably a good thing.)

“Manlets”, of course, is a fun little term used by incels to describe a short male. A type of person that they believe can either be single or be ‘cucked’ but will never find actual love. I, along with most individuals, know this to be untrue of course. However I also know that short men do tend to be insecure of their height.

Image result for manlets incel

To the the credit of the braincel community, I do agree this is a body dysmorphia issue that is commonly ignored/overlooked by support groups and anti-bullying road shows. So it makes sense that if a short individual is unhappy with his life, he will likely blame it on his number one insecurity (his height in this case). In the above Twitter capture, we can see that anger unleashed in a fire v.s. fire fashion.

He attempted to locate what he hoped to be her insecurity (weight) and shoot a silver bullet right back at her. Was she wrong/right in this situation? Who knows. Is she insecure about her weight? We don’t know. What we do know, is that “Meninist” is clearly insecure about his height. Evidenced by his attempt at hitting her with a blow that was at least equally brutal.

So the above was taken from /r/inceltears. A subreddit that’s purpose seems to be pointing out the ridiculousness/poking fun at the community of braincels.

But in this satirical subreddit, I found a little post that pretty much summed up /r/braincells. Someone took a comic that was meant to be optimistic and encouraging to shy people who are closer to finding love than they think, and they cut out the twist in the final panel to make it completely cynical.

Image result for incel chad carbon meme

I know it’s just a comic but part of me feels offended in the sense of respecting art. Like I said, it’s only a comic. But as quick as it is they completely changed it’s intended meaning. It’d be like cutting out the end to the Harry Potter series before finding out the truth about Professor Snape. It completely 180’s the point. So what is an incel then? Just an angry person who will only spread toxic rhetoric and ideas? What is an incel to do then if this is the truth? What are we to do?

A lot of questions I know but bare with me. I will have answers for them all.

Who would purposely alter an optimistic comic to make it cynical? A troll? A karmawhore? An incel or braincel so upset they want others to feel just as hopeless as them? As usual with Reddit, we’ll never know that, but we know one thing. The one thing that matters.

We know that there is at least one thing we can say for sure about the incel and the braincel. They are stuck in a very, very unhealthy thinking pattern. And it is being permeated through the community and worsening things for everyone.

What Is An Incel? Answer: Someone To Avoid…Or To Try And Help?

Image result for manlets incel

What is an incel? In short: a broken person. After a quick read of /r/braincels this becomes apparent. Now, of course this pent up rage/depression can surface as violence eventually in certain individuals who are capable of committing acts that require such a lack of empathy that the individual was likely sick his whole life, regardless of his relations with women.

Now I could go the route that some blogs are taking. I could call them “Disturbing” in the headline. I could just write them off as sick and leave it at that. It would be easy enough. Just explain what is an incel and tell people the community is growing, and that once in a while an incel or braincel gets so frustrated they pop off and shoot up a boardwalk. I could just highlight a problem and then just walk away. But that’s not how we do thing’s at Today’s Five. We offer solutions.

Going Beyond “What Is An Incel?”

How do we stop it? Easy. Take $10 million in government money and invest into high quality, highly functioning sex robots. Pedal to the medal production. And keep the Incel community in the loop so they can get excited about it. Release the sex dolls at high cost (Incel community has a lot of money, if it is high quality sex robots, there will be no complaints). And I GUARATEE, mass shootings will be half of what they were the previous year. And before you call me crazy, I’m not the first to have this idea.

Also, a post on Medium that I found if you want to read further. One of the few posts I could find that didn’t focus on keeping them in a negative light. And tried to see both sides, as difficult as that is… but true journalism is difficult. You can read that post here.

Also part 2, check out this article for tips on spotting a sociopath early (before you find out too late)


  1. Not a support group? Is a support group for people with terminal cancer not really a support group because they can’t cure you? Is a support group for widowers not really a support group because they can’t resurrect your wife?


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