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Riots Increase As United States Orders State Border Shutdowns: National Guard Deployed

National Guard to be deployed in under 96 hours


As peaceful protests turn to violent riots across the country, United States officials need everyone to remember the Coronavirus pandemic is still showing no signs of slowing down. Thousands of protesters marched across the country brushing shoulders and wearing masks that Dr. Faucci says will have “little to a negative impact if anything”. The United States government has issued an executive order to enforce state border shutdowns in at least 14 states across the country, with possibly more to come.

Although protesting is an American right, many of these protests are turning into opportunities for riots and looters. The government is still trying to flatten the curve, and these protests may have undone all efforts. State and border shutdowns across states may be the only way the United States government can combat COVID-19 as well as possibly the most destructive riots in modern history.

Canada and England have already implemented similar precautions and it appears the United States government is following suit. With some states reporting unproportionally high numbers of confirmed cases compared to others, the protocol does seem to be appropriate. 

The measure is extreme however.

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According to White House officials, the National Guard is currently preparing for deployment in the next 96 hours. The goal is to have all personnel in place by the beginning of next week, and to have the target states completely closed off from the rest of the country. This includes stations being built at all major interstates and roads leaving the state, personnel in vehicles guarding less frequented roads, as well as guards outside of pharmacies and grocery stores to ensure that elderly citizens are granted early entry

Although unlikely, National Guard personnel is also preparing and being deployed to be on standby in case a riot breaks out in a neighborhood of a shutdown state.

What Do The State Border Shutdowns Mean For You?

There are only a handful of states that will be shutdown, from inside sources we know it will be some if not all of the following states:

  • California
  • New York
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Illinois
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota

If your state is not on this list there will likely not be a state shutdown or deployment from the National Guard.

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If your state is on this list, prepare for possible changes in the coming weeks. If you were planning on leaving your state or visiting one on the list, keep in mind that you may not be able to leave/return until the state shutdowns are lifted. Visit your grocery store and get any medications filled as soon as possible. Once the news breaks stores will be once again flooded with panicked citizens.

When National Guard is deployed your state will be temporarily under Martial Law. It is in your best interest to adhere to curfews and carry your ID at all times.

Airports and sea ports will of course not be in operation either in a state shutdown. Vacations and travel should be planned accordingly.

We know for certain that California, Massachusetts, Washington and New York will be experiencing some sort of state shutdowns. The other states on the list are being considered because they are either home to a large metropolis area, or are in close proximity to a state with high infection numbers.

Be prepared, stay safe, and keep yourself updated during these next 96 hours.


    • No… Why would they let you do that? You literally touch the infected all day long you are the biggest contenders for spreading this outside of the shutdown states. Sorry once your in your in. Good luck.

  1. What pendemic??! We had only one case death here in Spokane WA, is there something going on that we are not being told????

    • Have you had your head in the ground. King Snohomish and Pierce counties have had heavy cases and losses. And it shows no sign of stopping

    • Yes, the financial collapse is here….the virus is just their cover for it….even if it was real it wouldnt warrant this response considering 98% of people only experience mild symptoms…they want it to seem like the virus caused the collapse rather than the federal reserve central banks and wallstreet…..TOLL IS DUE.

      • Every other country has death tolls way higher than the US and China. I dont buy it. The US IS NOT TESTING. Tests that are being done are taking 2 weeks to come back in some areas and if they are dead before then it often is not being reported. Our numbers are skewed this is serious.

  2. so what about this truckdriver who loads in KS needs to deliver in IL and has reload back to KS , he has to stay then in IL or what ?

    • Holy crap you and the rest of the people one these comments need to shut up about asking if “oh can I still leave a shut down state if I have to go there for work” fucking no you don’t end of story enjoy your new home for the next while. If it worries you that badly don’t go to work. It’s pretty fucking simple.

  3. Stop being sheep! We became a country over 2% tax and now we are taxed 45% and they wont let you leave your house cause all the politicians are elderly!

    • Only a recreational one you can still go to the grocery store and gas station, hoys department, and essential stores


  5. I already miss my grandbabies so much and it will be a long time until I can see them again. Such a sad time….Can’t even see mom

    • I pray for anyone that has an server illness that is mandatory treatment so they can survive that type of illness like Cancer. Anyone that has serve illness should be able to get back and forth to their hospital and back home. If anything that is one main reason for families to be able to go back and forth.

  6. Gov. Edwards just announced our further shutdown here in Louisiana active as of 5:00pm CMT 3/22/2020 until 4/13/2020. Everything is shutdown except is Essential Business Owners & Workers. Kansas & Missouri will follow suit Tuesday!

  7. I just recently moved back from North Carolina after 9 years because my father’s doctor told me that my father is terminal a not long to live, so he has exceeded what they thought he had left to live. Not making light of his terminal stage 4 cancer completely throughout his body. Understand this, that my father also had a full kidney and half of his other kidney removed 8 years ago. He never saw a doctor again as well as he never once had any type of dialysis during any of this time. And because he was caring for my mother with dementia, he walks away from the hospital against the doctors’ orders and after 7 radiation treatments. What am I to do when one has a family member (my father) is dying from cancer and in hospice as well as your mother has dementia and unable to care for herself?
    The doctor called my while I was still in North Carolina to let me know it was time to move back because he did not have much time left. Besides the fact my mom was not understanding what was going on and unable to stay by herself. Every night I would get a call having to repeat the same thing and keep telling her over like it was the first time telling her that my father has stage 4 cancer. So yes, we decided we needed to leave North Carolina right away and get back and help care for my husband parents and my parents.
    Obviously, neither parent is able to have a CA driver’s license to drive, old school and don’t have internet so that they can pay bills or get around to pay bills, get groceries and prescriptions. My husband also mentions that his mother is in the hospital while his father has dementia really bad an unable to care for himself.
    So yes, if my daughter decides that she is willing to do the right thing and help care for her grandparents, I am going to be grateful for additional help. Who the hell am I to tell her NO I am sorry but you cannot come out to spend the last days with a dying grandfather? This granddaughter wants to help out with elder care and support her parents emotionally.
    So yes, I am ready to tell my daughter to go ahead and fly out right away or drive out if you need to. She wants to help care for her grandparents until her grandfather passes. Now my husband and I have one parent on each side with dementia, one parent in hospice, and one parents with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, severe nerve pain and tiredness. Two sets of elderly parents that are in need of elder care.
    Then I am being told we are going to border shut downs during this coronavirus. There has to be some exceptions for extreme situations.

    What are we supposed to do with the body of my father after he passes?
    Leave him there until this is all over?
    What about her grandmother who suffers with dementia after her husband of 55 years just died?
    What about a funeral?
    Are we not supposed to have any funeral until the Coronavirus is gone?
    I don’t know about anyone else but who knows how they are going to handle the situation until it happens to them….but one thing I do know is that no one is my children and I that they cannot fly or drive in to CA to honor a dying man his last wishes to see his grandchildren before he passes!!!!

    I am sorry but I do not understand???

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