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Uber Driver Rapes Young Female Passenger, Ties Up Boyfriend

Suspect had only been employed by Uber for 2 days

uber driver rapes

Suspect George Arafi was arrested by Jacksonville police at 8:38 am the morning of November 19th in his apartment in Edgewood, just hours after the report by the surviving victim was made.

Arafi’s swift arrest was due in part to the help of Uber response and safety technology.

Although born in Iran, Arafi has full citizenship. Official reports allege that Arafi picked up the two passengers at 12:49am on what was his second day as a driver for Uber and only his 4th pickup overall. The passengers were male, aged 26, and female, aged 24. Families of the victims have informed the police the two were in a relationship of three years.

According to victim testimony Arafi held a gun to the female and instructed the male to zip tie his hands together. Arafi told the male victim he just intended to rob them but wanted him tied up due to him appearing stronger than Arafi. The male victim then complied and allowed Arafi to also zip tie the male victims ankles together.

Arafi then put the male victim in the back seat, and the female in the passenger seat, he held a gun to her stomach as they drove. Once he arrived at their Uber designated destination, Arafi informed the Uber app that they had been successfully dropped off. Arafi then turned off the Uber app. Uber reports the app was shut off at 1:34 am.

Arafi drove to his apartment in Edgewood arriving at about 2 am. Arafi pulled into the complex garage and instructed the two to go inside the into his apartment. The male victim began to argue at this point and became restless according to the female victim. Arafi slapped the female victim with his pistol and held her face warning the male victim to comply, which he did. Once inside Arafi brought the two into the bathroom where he raped the female victim repeatedly just a few feet away from the male victim.

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Home of George Arafi

Arafi then beat the male victim to death with his pistol. Arafi told police he was instructed by God to carry out this act and expected her (the female victim) to stay with him after the murder was carried out.

Arafi then told the female victim she was free to leave if she wanted. As Arafi was attempting to bag up the male victims body the female victim fled the scene and called the police using a waitresses cell phone at a near by diner. This call was made at 7:41 am.

Arafi was still at his apartment when police arrived. He is currently facing 3 charges of rape in the first degree, first degree murder, and 7 felony assault charges as well as possession of illegal firearms. He is currently being held without bail in a county prison.


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