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Top 10 Hottest Female Chess Players Of 2022 - Todays Five
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Top 10 Hottest Female Chess Players Of 2022

triin narva

Before the arrival of some of the best female players, chess was dominated by men. Many of the world’s top chess players are noted for their outstanding skill versus other masters and their striking appearances. The hottest female chess players to ever live, are playing today.

This is not the first time we’ve ranked the top hottest female chess players. But competition has risen drastically. And I’m not talking about on the board.

The female chess players we’re going to talk about have made a name for themselves through a long and successful professional career, but they also have a lot of attention because of their looks.

Let’s check out all of this year’s most attractive chess stars right now!

The Most Hottest Female Chess Players 2022 Ranking

#10 Anna Sharevich

anna sharevich

The chess “master” that many feel Anna deserves has eluded her since her last victory in 2011.

From 2002 until 2012, she represented Belarus at the Women’s Chess Olympics every year. She is a mix of American and Belarusian.

As a Saint Louis Arch Bishops member, she has also helped out with several charitable projects. She is also the chairwoman of the Ladies Night class at the Saint Louis Chess Club.

Anna’s innate attractiveness is highlighted by her golden hair and stunning facial features. Definitely one of the hottest chess players in the world at the moment.

#9 Tatiana Kosintseva

hottest female chess players

Tatiana is a Russian native. When it comes to board games, she has the perfect combination of long hair, an athletic body, and expressive eyes. 

In 2007, she was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE. She went on to win two gold medals in the Women’s Chess Olympiads in 2010 and 2012.

At the age of six, she began playing chess with her elder sister, Nadezhda.

Taking them to the chess club for the first time when they were both quite young was also influential on their lives.

She also played a role in the Women’s European Championships, where she was a multiple European Champion.

#8 Dorsa Derakhshani

dorsa derakhshani

Dorsa Derakhshani, an Iranian-American chess prodigy, is one of this year’s rising chess stars. In 2016, she was bestowed with both the title of International Master and the title of Woman Grandmaster.

In addition to chess, she is very good at school and went to St. Louis University, one of the best colleges in the country.

After winning three gold medals at the Asian Youth Chess Championships in 2012, she initially attracted the attention of chess enthusiasts. After that, she represented Iran twice in the Asian Nations Cup, in 2012 and 2014. As a FIDE-accredited journalist, she is also an accomplished player.

In addition, she was recognized by FIDE as a trainer in 2016. As a result of her dispute with the Iranian Chess Federation in 2017, she’s become a household name. However, in July 2016, she reached a career high FIDE rating of 2405.

Sharp features, serious facial expressions, and wonderfully well-groomed hair make it easy for men to fall in love with her. Dorsa Derakhshani is known as the “sex symbol of chess” because of her stunning good looks and fierce competitiveness.

#7 Polgar Sisters

female chess players

The Polgar sisters have a cult following across the globe. Sister Judith didn’t win the women’s world championship, but she did win the title of Grandmaster in the competition open to all sexes, which she did.

In the beginning, their father, Laszlo Polgar, a psychologist by trade who also taught them how to play chess as little girls, helped them get their career off the ground.

Her most memorable victory goes back to her childhood. She beat her buddy in chess when she was five years old.

#6 Tania Sachdev

hottest female chess players

Tania Sachdev, an Indian chess grandmaster, presently holds the titles of WGM and IM. Furthermore, she is one of this year’s most sought-after chess players because of her combination of beauty and brains.

She rose to popularity in 2006 and 2007 when she won the Indian Women’s Chess Championship twice in a row. She won the Asian Women’s Chess Championship the same year.

When she reached her highest FIDE rating of 2443 back in September of 2013, it was a major accomplishment for her. In addition, she won the Commonwealth Women’s Chess Championship three times between 2016 and 2019. Red Bull is her current sponsor.

#5 Triin Narva

trin narva

If Estonian chess divas are to be discussed, the name Triin Narva comes to mind. She is descended from legendary Estonian chess grandmaster Boris Rtov and women’s grandmaster Merike Rtova, so chess runs in her veins.

Triin is easily one of the hottest female chess players in the world right now. No doubt about it. I’d be ready to say she is the hottest female chess player in the world.

It’s no surprise that her parents are both FIDE masters: Jaan and Regina. Since 2004, Triin has held the record for the most consecutive wins in the Estonian Junior Chess Championship. In 2010, she won the Estonian Chess Championship in Blitz and Rapid with a perfect score.

triin narva

She took part in the chess Olympiad four times between 2010 and 2016, but never came away with a good result. However, in April of this year, she surpassed her previous best FIDE rating of 2129.

#4 Lanita Stetsko

female chess players

Lanita Stetsko, a Belarusian chess player, is unquestionably one of the most exciting young players to watch in 2018. The Belarusian girl’s chess championships she won between 2003 and 2010 were in different age divisions.

In 2015, she became the first female chess champion in Belarus. Between 2010 and 2017, she won two silvers and four bronzes, bringing her total to four. She also won the International Women’s Chess Tournament in December 2016.

It was in 2013 when Lanita achieved the title of FIDE Woman International Master. It wasn’t until 2015 that she became a FIDE Women’s Grandmaster. However, in November 2014, she reached her highest FIDE rating of 2297.

#3 Anna Muzychuk

hottest female chess players

In the history of chess, Anna Muzychuk is one of just four female players with a FIDE rating of at least 2600. She reached her highest FIDE rating of 2606 in July 2012, which may seem unbelievable at first glance.

This is her fourth championship title in as many attempts. While she won the 2014 Women’s World Rapid Championship, she also took home the title in 2013. In addition, from 2014 to 2016, she won the Women’s World Blitz Chess Championship thrice.

She is, nonetheless, one of the most attractive female grandmasters in the world.

The traditional variants of chess are another area in which she has excelled. When it came to the 2017 Women’s World Championship, she came in second. In addition to being a great soloist, she has also done well for her country in team competitions.

#2 Alexandra Kosteniuk

hottest female chess player

Alexandra Kosteniuk, one of Russia’s most beautiful chess players, is also regarded as one of the finest female players of all time. She has won the Women’s World Chess Championship twice, in 2008 and 2010.

Although she won the European women’s championship in 2004, she had already won the title in 2003. Along with that, she has won the Russian Women’s Championship two times in a row. Between 2010 and 2014, she helped her national team win three gold medals in team events.

She just earned the title of Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion in 2021. In January 2018, she reached a career-high FIDE rating of 2561. As a result, her FIDE rating has risen beyond the 2500 level once again.

#1 Anna Rudolf

anna rudolf

Anna Rudolf, the Hungarian chess queen, is a player to keep an eye on this year. As well as being active in the chess community, she also works as a Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber. As the Hungarian women’s national champion for three straight years, she first became famous.

She has competed in some chess tournaments on behalf of Hungary. She is also one of the few chess players who has beaten two international champions with FIDE ratings of above 2600. She is well-known for her chess commentary, in addition to her usual chess involvement.

In July 2010, she reached her highest FIDE rating of 2393. She is presently keeping her position above the 2300 mark. In 2017, she was named “Outstanding Athlete of the City” in Bátaszék.

Bonus: Hottest Chess Player Rising in Popularity

#4 Anna Ushenina

hot chess players

Anna Ushenina, a Ukrainian chess grandmaster, is unquestionably one of hottest female chess players in the world. In addition, she is known as one of the best female chess grandmasters. She has beaten a lot of famous people in the game.

In 2003, she became the first woman to hold the title of “Woman Grandmaster.” Even so, she had a sensational showing at the 2006 Women’s Chess Olympiad.

The next year, she was given the International Master (IM) title by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In 2013, she won the silver medal in the World Chess Championship for Women. Moreover, in July 2007, she reached a career-high FIDE rating of 2502. She’s presently trading at or above the 2400-point threshold.

#3 Alisa Melekhina

hot chess player

In chess, the United States has produced some of the greatest players of all time. While no one can compete with the beauty and brains of Alisa Melekhina, no one can equal her. She was barely 20 years old when she reached her highest ranking of 2304.

The US Women’s Chess Championship was when she initially gained worldwide attention. Apart from that, she has competed for Team USA in other international competitions. Also, in 2014, she finished sixth in the United States Championship for Women’s Chess.

As well as being an accomplished chess player, she has also studied ballet under the tutelage of world-renowned teachers.

She also excelled academically and went on to get a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She continued to compete in international chess tournaments, though.

#2 Antoaneta Stefanova

hot female chess player

Antoaneta Stefanova radiates confidence and has a well-known, piercing stare.

She is a Bulgarian grandmaster who won her first major tournament in 1992 at the Manila Chess Olympiad.

At the age of thirteen, she performed onstage there. Stefanova managed to win the women’s championship for Bulgaria only three years later.

At the 2000 Olympiad, Antoaneta Stefanova represented Bulgaria.

#1 Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez, a Canadian chess diva, is what many call the hottest chess player in the world. She is the epitome of a woman who is both beautiful and intelligent. For more than just her incredible chess skills, she has a way of making people fall in love.

In addition to being one of the most talented chess players in the world today, Botez is also a well-known chess commentator, YouTuber, and Twitch broadcaster.

This stunning young lady rose to fame after winning the Canadian National Girls Champion title five times in a row. This isn’t all: The International Chess Federation has also given her the title of Woman FIDE Master.

She’s also interested in a variety of other topics. The Susan Polgar Foundation asked her to serve on its board of directors. As a result, she has also studied at Stanford.

FAQ About Hottest Female Chess Players

Who is the hottest female chess player?

Alexandra Botez, a Canadian-American chess master, is unquestionably the most attractive chess player ever. This chess-playing beauty also has the ideal combination of gray matter and aesthetic appeal. In addition to chess, she has a sizable fan base on YouTube and Twitch.

Who is the top female chess player in the world?

Chess player Judit Polgár, one of the most famous Polgár sisters, is now the top female player. She obtained her FIDE rating of 2675 in early 2022. However, in July 2005, she got her highest-ever rating of 2735.

What’s the IQ level of chess players?

Chess grandmasters, in particular, have an extremely high IQ. Chess players with an IQ of 100 or more are considered generally intelligent. This doesn’t mean that the most famous players in the world, like Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand, have an IQ lower than 140.

How do you get a female chess player to come play with you?

If you want to attract women with your intellect, you’ll have to work hard. Female grandmasters, on the other hand, have a preference for their male counterparts. Apart from that, a select handful of them have come to consider other athletes as their spiritual soulmates.

Final Thoughts

In the past, a number of divas have defied expectations by demonstrating that they had the necessary amount of gray matter to go along with their breathtakingly gorgeous appearance. There are still many potential female chess players besides the divas we described above.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ranking of the year’s most beautiful and hottest chess players. Let us know if you think we’ve forgotten someone in the comment section!


  1. Well, an IQ of 100 is considered exactly average in the general population, so I think it more likely that chess grandmasters are probably more in at least the 130-140 range.


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