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HOLD UP: Have You Seen Tomi Lahren Without Makeup?

tomi lahren without makeup

Not gonna lie, Tomi Lahren was in like, my unofficial top 10. You can’t even imagine Tomi Lahren ugly (or so you thought). After all, she is an absolute smoke. But how much is the camera actually fooling you? Is Tomi Lahren without makeup that much different? Scroll on to see Tomi Lahren no makeup, no shame, in good ol’ North Dakota.

BUT Before getting to the photos let’s be real for a second. No one can call Tomi Lahren ugly. I disagree with pretty much everything she says but goddamn I love a cutie with an attitude. Being hot and crazy confident as a girl is pretty much the ultimate blessing of an opportunity. If you use your powers wisely (aka Taylor Swift) you can accomplish great things. If you succumb to the evils temptations (Lindsay Lohan) you will still accomplish great things. Terrible, terrible things. But great. Basically, you are like Harry Potter.

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OK but let’s get on topic here. Or if you want to go off topic: Is Tomi Lahren Secretly Obsessed With Black Guys?

We know Tomi is a TV personality. It should be no surprise to anyone that she uses more makeup than the average gal. But OMG wait till you see this photo that I came across.

To prepare you, I give you a photo of the 9/10 North Dakota native I know and love:

Tomi Lahren Without Makeup
“It’s not racist if you’d let me sit on your face”

Now let’s get into it…

Tomi Lahren, The Blaze, and the rest of Tomi’s team have been working around the clock to scour the internet since the leak. Despite their best efforts to secure all the files, there was nothing that could be done. Before long, photos from her old local paper had emerged.

Tomi Lahren Without Makeup
Tomi Lahren No Makeup

Because the photo was deleted and re-shared so many times during the hunt, the original (above) had lost a few pixels. Luckily you can till make out Tomi Lahren’s full name and her high school with ease. Confirming her identity. This was due in part to a virtual riot on Reddit in regards to Tomi defending Trumps “****hole country” comments.

Thanks to internet trolls we were able to get enhanced versions of this within an hour-

Tomi Lahren Without Makeup

Not close enough for you?

Is Tomi Lahren ugly without her makeup? Personally, I don’t think so. But as usual it’s not up to me. In the court of American public opinion, Tomi Lahren no makeup = Tomi Lahren ugly. Obviously a Tomi Lahren without makeup would’t be as striking as a dolled up Tomi Lahren getting ready to go on air. Somehow the fans could not seperate this. It became apparent how many of Tomi’s followers were following for her looks, not her opinions.

With the battle clearly lost, Tomi did what any spokesperson of the Republican party would do in the wake of an unwinnable controversy. Double down.

This gram came out January 1st. Although it does not mention it specifically, considering it’s a post of Tomi Lahren without makeup, I’d say this is a sub-gram. An attempt to show the haters she is comfortable with her natural looks. I think she should just straight up ignore them, Why? Well from a PR standpoint this would work if she was a liberal. In fact, she could have even pulled the feminism card. But you can’t call everyone in Hollywood snowflakes and then cry about internet bullies. So unfortunately for Tomi, she will receive little love from her following.

And of course, she is getting support from certain circles:

“Every day celebrities such as Tomi Lahren have to wear red lips, flawless skin and captivating eyes, so it’s high time that she decided to let her skin breathe and she is confident with her natural beauty.” – Medium


Tomi your Instagram caption is raw. I’m not a huge fan but I do wish the best for you. After all, you are a babe. Stay strong.

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