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TikTok Roobet Conspiracy – Casino Dealers Fainting

tiktok roobet conspiracy

A new TikTok online poker conspiracy is circulating the internet this week. Coming from, unsurprisingly, TikTok users. The current claim is that the popular online blackjack gambling site Roobet is using slaves as dealers. And casino dealers are fainting on camera.

This is the latest but far from the first accusation of a company being accused by TikTok for human trafficking after a few strange events. 

And for this reason many were ready to quickly write this off. Or call it a stretch. 

But I’m willing to dive down this one a little bit. Because to be honest it is all a bit strange… 

Let’s check out video #1 

TikTok Roobet Conspiracy Video 1

OK, a lot to unpack here clearly.

This is pretty much where the TikTok Roobet conspiracy starts. The weirdness/eeriness of this video.

I feel like it’s almost easier to make a list.

Reasons Why This Video Is Concerning

1. Why is she just randomly passing out on a live stream?

2. The employees that rush over, why does it look so routine? And why is the first priority to remove her away from the camera? No one cares about casino dealers

3. Why are the other employees not doing anything/acting like they are going to get in trouble? At any other call center you would expect fellow employees around to come over and help.

4. Why did they lift her up by the chair? Is it possible she was tied down to it?

So many questions, but before we go any further we may as well go ahead and show video #2

TikTok Roobet Conspiracy Video 2

Here is the basic run down on the TikTok Roobet conspiracy.
  • Roobet is an online casino that is not available in the US according to TikTok commenters.
  • Roobet either kidnaps or buys human slaves (either in the form of human labor or sex trafficking) and in between their other duties they work for free behind the online casino camera.
  • Or they just work 20 hours a day as casino dealer video slaves.
  • Tiktok Roobet Conspiracy theorists point to two main factors to support their theory, users have joined online sessions to watch how long some of the dealers are on the table. Aside from random breaks where they are pulled away, they are usually on for about 18-20 hours straight.
  • Most users believe the falling asleep phenomenon is from either drugs administered by the kidnapper or sheer exhaustion.

Lauren Spierer Involved In The TikTok Roobet Conspiracy

Possibly the most bizarre story to come out of all this is the claim by a blogger who is certain that he saw Lauren Spierer on one of the tables as a dealer in the midst of his research.


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