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The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat Statistically

zodiac signs most likely to cheat

All individuals are capable of cheating. Everyone is different and no one should make infidelity assumptions based purely on astrology. EduBirdie surveyed over a million individuals to come to these statistics. The following is a list of the five Zodiac signs most likely to cheat, as well as a little insight as to why it happens.


Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat

At their core, Sagittarians are thrill-seekers. They love adventure and discovery, but most importantly, they hate monotony. Breaking out of monotony at times can be an actual need for a Sagittarius. This of course does not mean they are cheaters or hurtful people by nature, but if they find themselves in a rut they will naturally do something to get themselves out of the daily routine. For some Sagittarians, sabotaging their own relationship is the only outlet they have.

A Sagittarius could have a really exciting career, or hobby, or even just a hectic family, something to keep them feeling alive, and they can remain faithful. However if a Sagittarius is feeling bored in life, and bored with their significant other, starting an affair is one way to create a thrill.

They are likely to be creative about it as well. Maybe it will be an emotional long distance relationship with someone they met online. Or maybe they will choose to have an affair with a close friend of yours, purposely staging close encounters of being “caught” to keep the flame of excitement alive in their life.

EduBirdie found 23 percent of Sagittarius have cheated or have come close to cheating on their partner.


Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat

Among mainstream Astrology discussion it is known that Gemini are among the Zodiac signs most likely to cheat.

This air sign is an extremely social individual. On top of that, they get bored easily. It is rare for a Gemini type to truly get fixated on a specific individual for an extended period of time. Gemini are represented by the celestial twins and are known to have the enough hobbies and interests for two people. They are easily distracted because they are constantly seeking polarization; to put it simply, they want to have the best of everything.

For example, if a Gemini is intellectually stimulated by their partner, they may look for better physical connection elsewhere. Or vice-versa. They are not pre-disposed to cheat or deceive. But the partner of a Gemini should objectively look at their relationship, and be sure they are addressing all needs of it. If not, it’s possible this need has not come up because they have found someone else to fulfill it. “These celestial twins are all about multiples, so don’t be surprised if a two-timing Gemini is actually exploring several flings simultaneously.” – Allure

31 percent of Gemini have cheated or have come close to cheating on their partner.


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The fiery and dynamic Aries are known to act on instinct. It is unfortunate that they land on this list because of all the signs here, Aries are likely the most to regret their actions.

An Aries could be a healthy loving relationship with all of their needs and desires being met, and still cheat. Most of the time they don’t want to behave this way. But the passion inside an Aries is hard for them to simmer down if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. And if they find themselves in that place, it is likely they will make a mistake and hurt their loved one even though just hours earlier the thought of doing that wouldn’t cross their mind.

When an Aries cheats it is usually in the form of a spur of the moment or one-night stand type situation. They are unlikely to have pre-planned or well thought out affairs. If an Aries cheats, it will be from being caught up in the passion of the moment.

34 percent of Aries have cheated or have come close to cheating on their partner.


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A Taurus enjoys the finer things in life. They are ruled by Venus and thus are connected to indulgence. Nothing gets a Taurus more excited and makes them feel more fulfilled than extravagant settings, gestures, and events. This could range from a desire for material possessions to a desire for a luxurious lifestyle.

Although the percentages of Taurus who have cheated is statistically lower than the rest of the signs on the list, they are at number 2 due to why they cheat. Because if a Taurus is swept of his/her feet in the right situation by a new prospective partner who can promise a more prosperous life, it is unlikely that the Taurus will be able to avoid the allure.

That being said, most won’t run into this temptation during their relationship. Therefore many do stay faithful in monogamous relationships.

17 percent of Taurus have cheated or have come close to cheating on their partner.

1. LEO

Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat

Leos make it to the top of the list of the Zodiac signs most likely to cheat. And unsurprisingly, it’s because of their ego.

A Leo has a need to be the center of attention. Furthermore, they need to be validated and if they are not, they will gravitate towards anyone who is providing the validation they need. If you are in a relationship with a Leo, and you are not stroking their ego enough, it is likely they will look elsewhere to fulfill this need.

Even if this need is being met however, and they are in a happy relationship, their need to receive praise can still be their downfall. Many times Leos who cheat were not even interested until the other individual complimented them. Their inability to turn away from possible praise or validation will rope them in and possibly turn into a situation where they cheat on their partner. Either romantically or emotionally.

36 percent of Leo have cheated or have come close to cheating on their partner.



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