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The 3 Best Stocks On Robinhood Under $25 That You Need To Buy Right Now


If you are living like most of the world right now, you are likely living a quiet life in quarantine. Maybe you still have your job, maybe you don’t, either way you are likely bored. And times are tough. Why not get into a little stock market trading? The stock market is currently so volatile that with just 50 bucks you could easily make a few hundred in a couple days if you make the right decisions. Currently the 3 best stocks on Robinhood are stocks that don’t require a day trading account to profit from.

Now I will clarify that these aren’t expensive stocks but they aren’t penny stocks either, these are real companies that are set to explode for their own respective reasons. And right now their stock is under $25. All of them will be $70 stocks by the end of quarantine. It’s way higher odds than DraftKings, trust me.

1. Inovio ($INO) – Currently ~ $14

Inovio is the biotechnology company that is literally going to save the world from Corona.

best stocks to buy on Robinhood

Just last week Inovio was an unknown lab in Pennsylvania, this morning and so far this afternoon it is currently the most popular stock on the market. The volume of buys rival that of Amazon or Tesla. The numbers are actually record-breaking.

EASILY the top of the list when it comes to best stocks on Robinhood. I’m far from the only person raving about it’s potential.

A month ago Inovio was trading for less than $4 a share. Then it was announced that they would be one of the four biotechnology labs working towards the Coronavirus vaccine. They soon started going up in value as day traders used the hype to build up momentum and short sell.

Then it was announced that Inovio would be the first lab allowed to conduct human testing for the Coronavirus vaccine. Then this happened-

best stocks to buy on Robinhood

THEN it was announced today that the first trials were a huge success, which lead to this-

best stocks to buy on Robinhood

Up 24% in one day. A Friday no less.

But this has gone past a short sellers wet dream now. This is a real stock with a lot of bull potential. Inovio has been publicly traded since 1998. For many years in the 2000’s they were regularly traded at a value between $10-$15.

The idea of Inovio becoming a huge stock (one worth $100 a share) before 2021 is a real possibility.

With the oppurtunity of press that would be created by curing Corona, you can be sure this stock will continue to climb.

2. Eldorado Resorts ($ERI) – Currently ~ $17

An unfortunately timed takeover of Caesars Entertainment coupled with the onset of the Coronavirus brought Eldorado Resorts from a stock that was holding strong at $70, to a stock that looked like it was going to fall below $5 a share.

best stocks to buy on Robinhood

The real crusher for Eldorado of course was the order from the Federal Government that all casinos and resorts would be closed for the unforeseeable future. As with all companies in the casino industry, if you can’t operate you can’t profit. But the story doesn’t end for Eldorado at all here. Easily one of the best stocks on Robinhood right now.

Eldorado is still going to be taking over Caesars and it will be the biggest casino and gaming business in the country.

Eldorado Resorts Inc on Twitter: "We received 30 first place ...

On top of that, new stimulus packages from the Trump administration are targeted to help casinos, airlines, and cruise-lines specifically. Analysts say Eldorado will undoubtedly find it’s why back to the $60-$70 range, and could possibly make a run at being a 3 digit stock by the end of 2021.

Eldorado makes it on the list of best stocks on Robinhood due to its after-hour potential and the ability to trade your shares early in the morning when they spike without having to perform a day trade.

3. Overstock ($OSTK) – Currently ~ $10

best stocks to buy on Robinhood

While every company took a huge dip in share values last month, Overstock was one of the companies that was not able to retain their value during the quarantine, but increase it.

With Amazon shutting down 2-day prime delivery on all items in an effort to focus on shipping out essentials, online retailers such as Wayfair, Target, Best Buy and Overstock have tried to fill this newly opened need for quick delivery. And for the first time, they can actually compete with Amazon while their focus is elsewhere.

Companies like Wayfair and Overstock have implemented quick shipping policies on non-essential items to see actual quarterly growth from the quarantine. With so many people working from home, there are many Americans in need of non essential items such as desks, notebooks, and other home office items.

Lori Greiner - Wikipedia
Overstock CEO, Lori Greiner

Overstock is not the only online retailer using this opening to maintain company growth, but Overstock is the only one with a stock below $25. Currently at around $10. After doubling in value last month, most experts agree that Overstock will continue to thrive through this quarantine. Making a great opportunity for a short term buy and sale for a quick profit.

Pick one, invest, make your money!

Best stocks to buy on Robinhood for under $25 coming soon.



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