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Is Taurus Compatible With Leo? Or A Destined One Night Stand?

taurus compatible with leo

Taurus and Leo are arguably two of the most headstrong signs. But these similarities may not help things, is Taurus compatible with Leo?

The Taurus is identified by the bull and rightly so.

The Leo is characterized by the Lion – another representation couldn’t be more fitting.

taurus compatible with leo

How To Describe A Taurus

The Taurus is practical and reliable. They place a high value on stability and security (both material and emotional). Taureans are very faithful and patient but when they become angry, they will transform into an infuriated bull. Taureans do not like change and are extremely stubborn.

The Taurus stubbornness translates to determination and that is how they are able to achieve their goals. They are strong and resilient and are usually people that you can always count on.

Taureans are drawn to outgoing people who make their feelings known.

They stick by their partner no matter what. Taureans love showering those they care about with love and affection. For this reason alone it is possible for a Taurus to be compatible with a Leo.

How To Describe A Leo

Leos are one of the most creative and ambitious signs in the zodiac.

They have plenty to roar about and they don’t hold back on the roar. Leos love to be the center of attention and they often are because of their otherworld amount of confidence and enthusiasm.

The ‘King of the Jungle’ mentality sticks with them as they tend to believe they are the king of the universe. They are naturally born leaders.

A Leo will lead the pack and do not know the meaning of the word “no”. They have a natural need to be in charge. Of the two, when asking if Taurus is compatible with Leo, the answer will likely lie with the Leo.

Leo’s often wear their heart on their sleeve so if a Leo is in love with you, you will know. Leos enjoy being the center of their partners’ world. And when they are not, the Leo may just find someone who will give that to them.

taurus compatible with leo

Can these two have a fruitful relationship?

Is Taurus compatible with Leo? It’s complicated. Literally! Inside the bedroom, things are amazing. Desire and attraction in this union is fiery hot.  Outside of that, this combination is very challenging. They are both fixed signs.

However, Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun while the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus.

Leo has a protective personality which attracts the Taurus.

Both are adventurous and sensual, craving for more in the bedroom. But the moment that is over and they go into the real world, everything becomes difficult. Leo is short tempered and taurus is stubborn.

So, Is Taurus Compatible With Leo?

Without great sacrifice on both ends, a long-term relationship is impossible. You can become excellent business partners though. The job comes first for both parties.  

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