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5 Signs She Loves You…Like REALLY Loves You

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Ok so you’ve been dating for long enough to be out of the “honey-moon” phase. You’re maybe on the level even of saying you love each other. But we all know words can be just words. How can you know that it’s really love? Other sites may try to sell you on programs. But it’s really not that complicated. Below are five tell-tale signs she loves you. If a majority of them apply, your partner is in it for real.

1: She Talks About The Future, And You Are Apart Of It

This is without a doubt the biggest tell. If there are any signs she loves you, it’s her talking about things like moving in together next year, or buying a house, or where you guys will end up living in the future.

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If this is this the case you can pretty much be sure it’s for real.

2: She LIKES When You Get Jealous

This is a tricky one but in the right situation it can tell a lot about her feelings towards you.

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Look this Spanish TV show agrees ^

At the beginning of the relationship you always knew you had to hide any signs of jealousy. It’s just a bad trait to have in general. But months down the line things are getting serious and an old friend or ex pops up into her life. If you react with jealousy and she doesn’t get annoyed but instead seems to enjoy, it those are big signs she loves you.

Askmen has a good article on the fine line between healthy and dangerous jealousy.

3: She Forgives You

This one should be pretty obvious, but if you keep messing up and she keeps forgiving you she wants to be with you for real. Signs she loves you are all about her getting past needing to be impressed by you or convinced you’re not a crazy person.

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Assuming you aren’t one

If she’s with you you through the ups AND the downs she is taking it very seriously.

4. She Gives You Gifts

Now physical gifts don’t apply to every situation. But some girls are gift givers. If you are always getting random items from her she is head over heels.

This goes double for if it was something small she noticed and then tried to guess what you would like. If she knows that you’re a Mets fan and she starts buying you Mets shirts and gear, that girl is into you.

5. She Takes Care Of You

Any normal person in a relationship cares about their partner. But when she starts TAKING care of you, those are signs she loves you.

Off the bat if you are in a relationship with a woman who makes more money than you and she insists on at least splitting the bill with you when you go out, she is into you. If she know longer needs to be impressed by you and is attempting to take care of you financially those are huge signs she loves you.

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Obviously money is far from the only example here. Taking care of you in anyway are signs she loves you.

Does she want to make dinner for you? Packs a lunch for you to take to work sometimes? Texts to make sure you are up in time for work when she’s out of town? Knows about personal or family issues you have and asks about them from time to time? These are all very genuine actions and all are signs she loves you.

Signs She Loves You Early In The Relationship

Check here for advice on looking for signs she loves you earlier on in a relationship.


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