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Shop Owner Who Called Police Officer Offers To Pay George Floyd Funeral Costs

George Floyd Funeral Costs

The owner of Cup Foods, the man who called the police officer on George Floyd, has now offered to pay funeral costs to alleviate extra stress on Floyd’s family.

“This businesses owner says he is prepared to do what he can for the family.

“We want to offer first and foremost our deepest condolences we want to offer any support whether its financially, socially, spiritually any type of support they need,”Abumayyaleh said.

Cup Food owners say video from the store, which they have been asked not to release, shows Floyd was not resisting officers.

They have offered to pay for George Floyd’s funeral expenses.”CBS Minnesota

George Floyd Funeral Costs

Shop owner Mahmod Abumayaleh has been receiving death threats and hate mail daily since the brutal murder of George Floyd. Abumayaleh claims the escalation of force was not his intention, and it’s easy to believe him. Abumayaleh was a kown member of the community, as was Floyd. Abumayaleh claims to have known Floyd as a regular at Cup Foods for many years. He was never anyone he saw as a threat, However when a bill appeared to be counterfeit, he called the police to investigate.

“The staff that called police followed protocol when he identified the bill was fake. The patron was out of the establishment when the police arrived, he was outside of the establishment which normally never takes place why he was still there were not sure,” Abumayyaleh said. CBS Minnesota

Abumayaleh and most other residents of the town believe that Floyd was following protocol himself. Most of the time a counterfeit bill is suspected, it is because the patron was unaware that the bill was fake. In a normal situation an officer would arrive, ask where the bill was obtained, take contact information, and then bring the bill into a detectives unit for further inspection. No arrest is made. Because no crime has been committed. In the case of counterfeiter bill, there there is a benefit of doubt in favor of the owner of the bill in question.

George Floyd Funeral Costs

There was no reason for Floyd to run. If he didn’t print the money why would he? He is just cooperating with the process of inspecting a counterfeit bill. The fact that Floyd remained on scene shows he was likely unaware that he was in possession of a counterfeit bill.

Instead, a $20 *possibly* counterfeit bill turned into a man being chocked out and killed on a concrete curb in the bare hands of a police officer.

Abumayaleh did not expect this outcome and has been distraught since. Feeling sorrow for Floyd and for his family.

“This businesses owner says he is prepared to do what he can for the family.

Still, Abumayyaleh does not blame himself in the death at George Floyd, despite covering funeral costs.

‘”For those who say if the police hadn’t been called he would be alive how does that staff member feel about that may be rightfully so but we cannot predict the future”’ Abumayyaleh said.” – CBS Minnesota

George Floyd Funeral Costs

You cannot predict the future, many try, and generally calling the police seems like a good good move when you are in a conflict/situation. And a lot of times it is. So Abumayyaleh did not expect this level of violence and escalation. BUT he is the one who called the cops. Of course he didn’t expect that outcome but technically he was a part of the butterfly effect here.

On a side note – no reason to be coming even close to killing unarmed citizens. I you cannot refrain from doing this you cannot be a cop. Even if you think an unarmed person may be dangerous, you have your mace, your taser, your night stick. Why do any handguns needs to come out?


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