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Who Is Sabrina Prater? – TikTok Star Officially Declared Missing

sabrina prater

Sabrina Prater aka Franklin Prater has become the newest focus of TikTok users in the past 72 hours. But not necessarily in a good way… 

There are now reports that Sabrina Prater otherwise known as Franklin Prater, has been reported missing. By the police. The TikToker from Flint, Michigan has not been seen in over 24 hours now. 

Sabrina Prater Has Officially Been Declared A Missing Person

According to inside sources, the immediate family of Sabrina Prater is extremely concerned about Prater’s whereabouts.

The family filed the missing persons report last night, the Flint Police Department went ahead and upgraded the search to high importance.

Initially it was believed Prater had simply gotten lost on a bender.

However, after seeing all the content and comments on his online TikTok account that has recently went viral, the family has reported that Sabrina Prater has a history of self harm.

The police want to be sure they find Prater today. Since he is now considered a threat to himself.

Every hour is now crucial.

But why would Prater be driven to such extreme measures?

First of all…

Prater Was Labeled A Serial Killer At First

It’s not easy when the entire community of TikTok decides to make a joke out of you. 

Then again, when you post videos like this:

You’re basically asking to be the original star wars kid on YouTube. 

My favorite part was how Prater started attacking people in the comments (sometimes with fake accounts that he had created himself), and claiming they were transphobic. 

Yeah, sorry Sabrina Prater but the fact that you are dressing as a girl in these videos is actually the LEAST concerning part about all of this. It is 2021 after all.

But it did not take long for the Hannibal Lector jokes to roll in…

sabrina prater franklin prater

But I mean seriously what is up with those people on the monitors behind him…

Oh and the casual dead deer laying in a dog cage behind him. Casual.

But can’t know the hustle…? He’s gotten himself over 200k followers in the past few weeks.

Attacks On Sabrina Prater For Possible Animal Abuse

Before Sabrina Prater Franklin Prater started posting videos that revealed he was living with children in that squalor, he first displayed a dog. 

Prater never confirmed if he owns this dog. However it has appeared in enough videos to draw concern for the dogs well-being now. 

Many commenters are claiming that it is clear he is not tending to the dog. And that the dog is clearly signaling it is in need of food or water. 

sabrina prater franklin prater

Maybe Sabrina thought the dog would bring in some sympathy Cash App sends?

Kinda backfired.

It wouldn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. Not sure Sabrina Prater can take care of herself to be honest. 

Concern For Children In Prater House 

The same account that leaked the video of Sabrina Prater whispering to his daughters above, has posted other videos made by the daughters themselves. 

Neighbors close to Sabrina Prater have said not so nice things about him and his family.

They smoke marijuana on camera and find themselves engaging in other activities that 9 year olds typically would not engage in. 

But what would you expect from a father who decided to raise two daughters in a shed. And then destroy half the shed. 

Could be the water. 

sabrina prater

Apparently he started demolition, and never finished anything beyond there.

Thus leaving the family in a torn up house.

Either way, many people on TikTok are worried about the children of Sabrina Prater partly because he is so overtly sexual. His first account was removed after he started showing everyone his package on TikTok live. 

All the while he asks for donations on Cash App. Most likely to continue funding the destruction plans he has for his own home. Or drugs. 

Concern For Prater From The TikTok Community

Speaking of drugs. 

Sarina Prater is definitely on them.

TikTok commenters are saying it but I doubt you needed their word for it. 

Very interesting however to see this swing full 180. 

At first all of TikTok was convinced that Sabrina Prater Franklin Prater was a serial killer. And that he had children hidden in his weird cracked up home. 

Then we found out they’re actually his kids (maybe?). 

And now there are people on TikTok saying they are worried about him. And that they know what the grips of addiction can look and feel like and they feel bad for them. 

I’m not a drug addict but I know a few. I think we can all admit that his behavior definitely should NOT be solely blamed on drugs. I don’t know what went down at his family Thanksgivings that made him this way…

But Really Who IS Sabrina Prater Or Franklin Prater?

This video unfortunately creates new questions and provides zero answers.

Sabrina Prater Aka Franklin Prater Now Missing

And now to bring things current, Sabrina Prater has apparently gone missing! 

The TikTok community is divided. 

sabrina prater

Well they already were. But the half that cared about his well being is now divided as well. 

Half think he was actually hiding something and all this publicity has caused him to make a run for it. That the police are after him and all the rumors are true.

Others speculate that he is high and on a bender, some of have even suggested the attention may have led him to do something dangerous to himself. 

sabrina prater

I like to think some venture capitalist with a weird fetish for mid-western trannys fetish sent Sabrina Prater 50k and now he is starting his life over. 

In a new shed. 

But this one is bigger. And the dog is happy. 

We can all pretend right?

Sabrina Prater sure knows how too…

This isn’t even the most concerning phenomenon on TikTok right now.



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