We’ve talked to the internet, and these are the 10 biggest things you can do to ruin sex with your partner. Read on and hope that none of this sounds familiar to you. Fingers crossed!

1. Actually Yelling Orgasm When You Orgasm

“A girl i used to sleep with in college:


screaming at the top of her lungs


She actually screamed the word orgasm at the top of her lungs whenever she came… Try to imagine that”

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2. Applying The Snap Back

“Put the condom on for me and pinched the reservoir tip like your supposed to. Then thought it’d be cute to snap it back like a rubber band. “

3. Locking Your Korean Brother In The Bathroom

“I went to this girls house when I was around 19 and we started having fun on the living room couch and suddenly I heard banging. Turns out she locked her little brother in the bathroom so she and I could bang….He was crying and yelling in korean. Completely killed the mood.”

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4. Calling her Vagina Dirty… And Asking If She Likes It

” My ex tried his best to dirty talk but was god awful at it. Once said, “You like when I rub your dirty vagina?” Not sure how he thought that would sound sexy or appealing at all. “

5. Catching A Nose Ring In His Zipper

“Wasn’t her fault but killed the mood nonetheless.

I was getting a blow job and her nose ring got caught in my zipper. So she’s stuck with my cock in her mouth trying to get loose.

Say, “my nose ring is caught on your zipper”

Now say it with a dick in your mouth.”

6. Farting During A Blowjob

” I was a few months into a relationship with my now-husband, and while I was blowing him, he let out a very tiny fart. I was going to be mature and ignore it (farts happen), but it began to smell so bad, neither one of us could ignore it. I started laughing and couldn’t stop for the next 10-15 minutes. Killed the mood, but at least we laughed about it. “

7. False Confidence

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“Kept saying “yeah baby cum for me yeah fucking cum” etc. when I was nowhere close and he was just thrashing around with no technique. Dude made me bleed and no, I did not end up finishing (obviously). “

8. Leaving Your Cum On The Floor

“Had a guy freak out on where to put his “stuff”. I told him it didn’t matter. (I’m on bc) He starts to panic, dick in hand, squats down and cums on the floor. That was the last time I spoke to him. “

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9. Fighting Her Instructions

“He’s attempting to rub my clit, and instead is giving my lower left labia a swedish massage. I don’t expect every partner to have an innate sense of my anatomy, so I grab his hand to reposition. He… Uh. Refuses ? And goes back to the same spot.

So I move his hand again.

He… Goes straight back to labia flicking, and says “don’t interrupt me, I know what I’m doing. Just relax baby”

So condescending tones and having my labia massaged while my clit cries from abandonment is probably my #1 moodkiller.”

10. Drawing Blood

“Bit my clit. Enough to DRAW BLOOD. I like it rough but not that fucking rough.”

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