There has been forage of accusations leveled against Roy Moore, (the state of Alabama Senate candidate) in the past weeks. Quite many people are buying the stories of these accusers. However, there are others who can see beyond these accusations as one of the dirty games of politics.

It is true that there isn’t any proof and that these accusations are merely political propaganda to frustrate and sabotage Roy Moore’s ambition of becoming a senator of the US. But it is a surprise that some persons have concluded already that the accusations are true even though there is also no concrete evidence of proof.

Now, this isn’t me trying to take sides, but I do believe such sensitive issues should be treated cautiously. So far so good no one knows who is telling the truth; the accusers or Moore but here are five reasons why it is possible that Roy Moore is innocent.

1. He has maintained his stance of innocence: For an accused, Moore has been pretty consistent with his response so far. It is common knowledge that most people who are guilty of what they have been accused of can be entirely self-contradictory with their self-defense statements. That, however, hasn’t been the case for Roy who has maintained the same stance of being innocent since the allegations of his sexual misconducts went viral.

In his response, a day after the publication was first made Moore in a statement said, “I don’t know Miss Corfman from anybody,” he said. “The allegations are completely false. I believe they’re politically motivated.” Could this mean that Roy Moore is being framed? Well, I’m sure time will tell. But for him to have maintained the stance of being innocent without missing words or making any contrary statement during this period does suggest the man might not be guilty of the allegations after all.

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2. Roy Moore hasn’t been proven guilty: The last time I checked, no American is guilty unless shown otherwise. So, until there is or are factual evidence that proofs that this is not a case of Roy Moore being Framed, then it is safe to say that he is innocent.

3. The timing is impeccable: Why now? Where have these accusers been all these years? I mean, it has been over three decades, why are they all coming out to speak now that Roy Moore is in a favorable position in the poll of the senatorial election. It does appear someone, or a group of people are trying to get Roy Moore Framed, and should that be the case, then Roy Moore is Innocent.

4. A 14-year-old on a regular date: Now tell me that doesn’t sound weird. Seriously, how many parents would allow their daughters go on dates particularly with a male twice her age? Now if this reason and the above ones aren’t good enough to convince you that Roy Moore is Innocent, then maybe the last one should.

5. The counter accusation from a reliable source: You and I don’t know these accusers any better than members of their families. For the step-son of Beverly Young Nelson who happens to be one of those responsible for the multiple allegations against Roy Moore to have openly accused his step-mother of falsely accusing Roy Moore, speaks volume about Roy Moore’s Innocence.

Finally, let’s remember that no one is guilty unless being proven otherwise.


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