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Ron Perlman Challenges Ted Cruz To A Wrestling Match Over Twitter

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Notoriously known for being bad at handling his Twitter account, Ted Cruz has managed to get himself challenged to a wrestling match with Ron Perlman. Over an argument he wasn’t even involved in.

The Texas senator challenged actor Ron Perlman to a wrestling match against U.S Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, with Cruz predicting that Perlman wouldn’t last five minutes with Jordan who is a former collegiate athlete and coach. 

Perlman is known for his work on shows like Sons of Anarchy and the movie Hellboy. And if you looked at Perlman, you know that he could pack a punch! 

So How Did This All Start?

The challenge came after Perlman and U.S Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida got into a Twitter battle over U.S soccer removing a requirement to stand during the national anthem before matches. 

Gaetz took offence to this tweeting “If our soccer team is going to disrespect our anthem and our flag, it is not essential for us to have”. Perlman fought back by calling Gaetz “the ugliest politician walking”. As well as accusing him of gerrymandering his district.

After that, Ted Cruz joined into the battle by tweeting “Listen Hellboy. You talk good game when you’ve got Hollywood makeup & stuntmen, But I’ll bet $10k—to the nonpolitical charity of your choice—that you couldn’t last 5 min in the wrestling ring w/ @Jim_Jordan w/o getting pinned. You up for it? Or does your publicist say too risky?”

Twitter Feud Between Ron Perlman and Ted Cruz | The Mary Sue

Sounds like quite the burn from Ted Cruz (I don’t know why this guy keeps trying to use Twitter…), but Perlman wasn’t about to back down from a fight! 

Perlman responded with some choice words for before saying he would wrestle Cruz while offering to donate $50,000 to Black Lives Matter if he were to lose. Cruz and Perlman fight set up over Twitter. What a time to be alive.

“I tell you what teddy boy”, Perlman tweeted, since mentioning jim jordan and wrestling is… problematic, why don’t we say fuck him and just make it you & me. I’ll give 50k to Black Lives Matter and you can keep all the tax payer money you were thinking of spending.” 

Ted Doubles Down

Ted Cruz responded with a tweet of his own by saying “I get it, you’re rich. But, apparently, soft. You sure seem scared to wrestle Jordan (whom you keep insulting). Can’t take the heat? Need a manicure?” 

Ted Cruz and Ron Perlman are in a strange Twitter fight about ...

Perlman fought back by tweeting “Teddy, Teddy, what kind of a muthafucka offers to have another guy, probably asleep at the time, kick another guy’s ass?”

I can tell you that this is more interesting than any high school drama that I have experienced in my life time. I guess Twitter is the place to be for two people on two totally different political spectrums to duke it out over who is right and who is wrong. 

The back and forth between the two began after Gaetz tweeted that he’d “rather the U.S not have a soccer team than have a soccer team that won’t stand for the National Anthem”. 

“You shouldn’t get to play under our flag as our national team if you won’t stand when it is raised” Gaetz added in a tweet that generated more than 177,000 likes and 44,500 retweets on Monday. 

The battle over standing for the National Anthem came when Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, began kneeling in protest to racial inequality and police brutality towards African Americans. 

It has not only cost Kaepernick his career, but a massive war over the issue of what and who the National Anthem really stands for in America. You would think that the National Anthem would be for everyone, but with movements such like Black Lives Matter, you can see from their view that people of color have been mistreated for years and are tired of it. 

While many conservatives support standing for the National Anthem, liberals are keen to support those who kneel.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to Ron Perlman, who responded back to Gaetz tweet by also adding president Donald Trump saying “The US Soccer team called and you guessed it… said they couldn’t give any less of a fuck about what you two dipshits think”. 

Sen Ted Cruz KOs Ron Perlman in Twitter Throwdown | Newsbusters

Gaetz responded by calling Perlman a “racial justice warrior” while criticizing him for playing a fictional white supremacist on Sons of Anarchy

Perlman has had a history of criticizing Trump and his campaign on social media while supporting Democratic candidates. Still, Monday’s drama brought out the claws and the popcorn for Twitter viewers all around the world.

“Cruz hit the ball back Monday morning.

“I get it, you’re rich. But, apparently, soft. You sure seem scared to wrestle Jordan (whom you keep insulting),” the senator said. “Can’t take the heat? Need to get a manicure?”

Perlman then closed things down, for now at least, by asking Cruz what kind of man offers to have another guy kick somebody’s butt.

For the record, Gaetz is 38, Cruz is 49 and Perlman is 70. Boys, you all should have grown up by now.”LA Times


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