Now we before I prepare The Prodigy movie review to sort through the garbage that is this “film”, I do want to throw it one merit. Any way you slice it, The Prodigy had a unique concept. I didn’t say a good one. Just a unique one.

It’s refreshing to see a reincarnated serial killer take over the young boys body as opposed to a demon. Plus the dynamic of a mother who loves but also wants to kill her child is definitely something. That’s the main reason I’m doing The Prodigy movie review despite my general disdain for it…

The Prodigy Movie Review

I think my real issue with this movie was how dumb they treated the viewers.

In the opening scene we see a guy get swiss-cheesed by a SWAT team leaving bullet holes down through his body.

Next shot, baby being born. With the exact same holes. Come on the average American isn’t that dumb. As soon as I saw that reincarnation was the assumption. I figured that was the movies way of telling us listen, this baby is actually the rebirth of that serial killer.

But no. The reincarnation thing remains a complete mystery. The makers of this movie truly believed people wouldn’t put that together and then re watch it and go “OMG HOW DID I MISS THAT!”

the prodigy movie review
The Prodigy

When in reality, we are forced to watch a neurotic mother and a “mentally scared but tough” father jump around the city for half the movie trying to figure out what is wrong with the kid. Which is beyond frustrating because you thought this was already established. The Prodigy movie review was turning into check your watch when can we leave. You did not expect the mystery to be the plot twist you were able to predict literally 3 minutes into the movie.

After painstaking illogical moves and an inability to see basic truths, our “heroes” finally realize they are raising a Hungarian serial killer with a fixation on female hands… Well one of our heroes at least, the Hungarian already killed the Dad before Mom was brave enough to tell him what she already knew.

Obviously I’m not alone here-

” A reincarnation-horror movie that’s more irritating than scary. ” – Rotten Tomatoes

Also on a side note I know a mothers love is “unconditional”, but when your son kills the family dog and BOARDS IT UP INSIDE THE HOUSE. You are dealing with an Ed Kemper. And need to send him upstate before he kills you and humps your skull. I don’t care how much of a prodigy you think he is.

prodigy review movie
When your mom finds your iTouch and makes you tell her the password

All in all, while well produced, and containing a fresh storyline, I can’t give The Prodigy higher than a 70.

That being said if shock value is your thing. The Prodigy has a ton of that.

The Prodigy Movie Review — 2 min mark if you want to catch the scaries

Well that’s been The Prodigy movie review with Today’s Five. Hopefully the sequel (which they made painfully obvious is in production) gives us an actual mystery.


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