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NYC On Track To Pass Chicago And Detroit In Homicides

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NYC is seeing some of it’s most violent days in over 20 years. From extensive gun violence to rouge arson, NYPD has completely lost control of Brooklyn and parts of Manhattan.

Exhibit A – New game in Manhattan, teens throwing fireworks onto sleeping homeless people.

Exhibit B – Brooklyn teen throws firework into building, injuries toddler.

Exhibit C – Teens in Brooklyn light elderly man’s building on fire.

Gun violence has now taken the forefront however.

Shootings up 142% nearly all NYC June shooting victims were minorities
Brooklyn, NY

“New York City’s plague of gun crime continued this weekend — with 15 people shot in the same number of hours since midday Saturday, police sources told The Post.

The shootings — including a 21-year-old man left fighting for his life after being shot in the head while sitting in a car in Sheepshead Bay early Sunday — were more in one day than the whole of the same week last year, sources said.

They capped 43 shootings so far this week — more than triple last year’s tally of 13 for the same period, sources said.” – Source

Currently Baltimore leads the country in most shooting related homicides per city. St. Louis leads in most shooting homicides per capita.

11 killed during violent weekend in New York City - YouTube

After last week, NYC is on track to break into the top 10 most deadly cities or for the first time since 1990. A list that both Chicago and Detroit have been able to stay off of for over a decade now.

“It has been nearly a quarter century since New York City experienced as much gun violence in the month of June as it has seen this year.

The city logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year, police data show. Gunmen opened fire during house parties, barbecues and dice games, and carried out coldly calculated street executions.”NYT

Violent weekend: At least 11 killed, dozens wounded in New York ...

Mayor de Blasio is going to go with the half-measure approach. AKA do nothing. It’s frustrating when your city is burning down and the Mayor refuses to start any sort of hard stance. Last week he declared he would continue to send more officers into the street, but also that he is working on overhauling the NYPD.

Quote from de Blasio“We’re not going back to the bad old days when there was so much violence in the city,” the mayor said at a news conference, “nor are we going back to the bad old days where policing was done the wrong way and, in too many cases, police and community could never connect and find that mutual respect.”

De Blasio Plans To "Double Down" On Neighborhood Policing As ...

Just a quick message to de Blasio – you can’t keep sending in officers who don’t feel like you will have their back.

There are obvious reasons why shootings are up in NYC. Part of it is NYPD officers are scared. Not scared of the criminals and shootings, they are scared of you de Blasio and the Jury they may have to face if they even pull out their taser or put their knee on a looters back.

There has been an over correction de Blasio. As the mayor you need to ignore the media and look at NYC. Racial injustice isn’t the issue right now if it is gang related and mugging related. If you think this is about protesting you are out of your mind. This is a city taking advantage of a police force that you have neutered. Innocent people are dying.

Shootings Triple In Liberal City After Mayor Defunds Police – The ...

Take back control of your city. Then you can discuss police reform if it is needed. But how could you even keep defunding/reform in your mind while NYC murders start to pass Detroit? Get it together de Blasio. This is your last term anyway you won the last election by 10% in a city that doesn’t vote. The city hates you. The least you can do is actually put your foot down and make actual steps to stop this nonsense.


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