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NYC Fireworks Mystery Gets Weirder, Video Shows FDNY With Fireworks

NYC Fireworks Mystery

The NYC Fireworks Mystery just took a sharp left.

The plot has thickened. The NYC fireworks mystery has taken a left turn. One of the popular conspiracies already was that this was an NYPD protest. Which would explain the extremely low response rate to firework calls. Despite how aggressive they are getting.

But now we have this video.

“In a Brooklyn neighborhood overrun with nightly illegal fireworks, one resident found out that some of the amateur pyrotechnic aficionados are none other than local FDNY firefighters.

The 33-year-old Crown Heights resident said he and his wife were passing by Ladder 123 on St. John’s Place near Schenectady Avenue at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when he saw a group of firefighters ignite what appears to be a fountain firework display.

“As public servants, I feel like they should know better than to light fireworks at 11:30 at night. It’s completely brazen wantonness,” the man said.

“It’s like they didn’t understand why what they were doing is so absurd. It’s late at night, there are kids. You have to be responsible and set an example,” he added.”NY Post

NYC Fireworks Mystery
$6,000 worth of fireworks seized by FDNY, maybe it was the same ladder and they were just having fun?

I think everyone can agree that a member of the FDNY knows better than to shoot off fireworks at 11:30 at night. Right outside the station. During a time when firework complaints have spiked by 4000%.

And I don’t think the member of the FDNY came over because he didn’t understand. Although I’m sure that’s the image he wanted to give off at the time. But watch the video. They light it, turn, see the car and hide behind the wall. They know they shouldn’t be doing it.

So Why In The World Are Members Of The FDNY Partaking In The Fireworks

NYC Fireworks Mystery

Three Possible Theories

1. The fireworks actually are a secret NYPD protest strategy. This would explain the low response rate to firework calls. AND officers not arresting firework smugglers. Or questioning them. So maybe, FDNY is doing fireworks as well in support.

2. The fireworks are a city wide protest for all emergency personnel.

3. (And most likely) The fireworks have become a symbol of anarchy. And anyone who is unhappy right now, even if it is for different reasons, is shooting off fireworks to try and express that.

NYC Fireworks Mystery
Building fire caused by fireworks

A Few More Possible Theories On The NYC Fireworks Mystery

  • New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones formally apologized Monday for retweeting a conspiracy theory that the fireworks are being set off by “government agents” to dampen the Black Lives Matter movement. – Source
  • Some social media users and reports claim that the fireworks are professional—not just typical sparklers or firecrackers—and, with so many Fourth of July celebrations canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, are being resold to people at mega discounts (the American Pyrotechnics Association, a fireworks trade group, rejected this theory). – Source
  • Vox theorized that the quarantine has gotten us used to the quiet. Less cars, less people. And that we are noticing the fireworks for that reason. – Source

I still think it’s the anarchy symbol. But I’m just a blogger.

But I can still tell this is more serious than the NYPD is acting like it is. It looks like Baghdad in Brooklyn-

How Does The NYPD Plan On Getting To The Bottom Of The NYC Fireworks Mystery?

“On Monday, fed-up residents honked car horns outside Gracie Mansion in an effort to push Mayor Bill de Blasio to take action. The next morning, he announced that a fireworks task force would be created to disrupt the use and supply of illegal fireworks.

The task force will include 10 police officers, 12 fire marshals and 20 investigators from the city sheriff’s office. Sting operations, he said, will “go and get these illegal fireworks at the base.”

“We’re going to go at it hard now,” the mayor added.”NYT

Which then lead to Twitter getting mad. As they always find a way to.

Ok to be fair, the NYPD does NOT have the greatest rep when it comes to undercover sting operations…

Know how to spot an undercover cop! Knowledge is power ...

But if you complain about the fireworks. Then complain about using police to solve it. We will just keep going full circle until we all go deaf.

Which brings me to my final and greatest theory-

Why Are Fireworks Going Off? Why Does The NYPD And DeBlasio Seem To Not Care?

NYC Fireworks Mystery

1. NYPD hires undercover agents to sell super cheap and illegal fireworks to trouble makers.

2. Trouble makers cause trouble as expected.

3. Calls come in, NYPD says they are busy and will get to it.

4. Just when it gets to the breaking point, NYC will “solve” the NYC Fireworks Mystery (aka stop selling fireworks to kids).

5. The fireworks stop, everyone agrees they need the NYPD again, and tensions settle.

Ok tinfoil hat coming off now.

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