The documentary “Not Business as Usual” directed by Lawrence Le Lam explains a new way of doing business. B Corporation is a nonprofit organization that issues certifications to profit companies to show they follow a special set of guidelines.  They ensure the company is legally compliant and transparent with the public. These guidelines continue to make companies include social and environmental goals along with their financial goals. The triple bottom line refers to social, environmental, and financial goals being viewed as a measure of success rather than profit alone.

            The times have changed and a new standard of business is knocking on the door. Dare to be different influences businesses to set new goals keeping a community mindset. Morals and ethics are becoming intertwined with business for the first time.  Profit companies are popping up from all over with things like future sustainability in mind. Businesses are being asked “what do you want to do?” and for many the answer remains, get rich. however more and more often companies want to give back to society and others feel a desire to create less impact on things like air quality and water quality. These goals require background information on all the supply chains. At poor foreign countries where the labor intensive factories sit is where much of the dirty work is done. Things like dumping raw chemicals and untreated waste directly into bodies of water. The documentary stated in Bangladesh only 2 out of 300 surveyed had a waste water mill. The others just look the other way. In the 1950’s some would say the solution to pollution is dilution even in our own country. But at this time things like computers, cell phones, and cancer were beyond the average person’s imagination. It is now common knowledge we must have clean air to breath and water to drink. The true cost of low cost labor is being uncovered. Some power lies with us, the consumer. It is us who decides which products to buy resulting which companies will make it and which don’t. Consumers are starting to look past the price of goods and research a company and what they stand for. This is beginning to create a ripple effect across the globe. Consumers are starting to ask where is your logo and why don’t you have one? B Corp is setting a moral and ethical standard for all profit companies. It is now up to B Corp to ensure everyone is doing what they say they are doing. The B Corp’s certificate’s entire validity relies on them to do their job effectively. B Corp is an example of capitalism in its best form. I say this because both sides work in self interest to keep companies in check while both profiting without government involvement.

            It is becoming more and more common we demand our supply chains to use materials that settle with less of an impact on the environment. It is not hard for me to see a future where businesses are making deals involving the reconstruct of factories in order to be safer and more efficient. A more sustainable future is the goal we have begun to seek out.


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