Rough MLK weekend for Ninja and his fans alike. Accusations have emerged against the famous Twitch Streamer ‘Ninja’, known for his domination of the popular game FortNite.

We first heard of the accustations of Ninja using OxyContin and other drugs from famous YouTuber Phillip DeFranco-

Now, most of his fan base has already concluded that Ninja does Adderall and Cocaine regularly.

OxyContin however is a whole different animal as this is clearly gone past any argument of “performance enhancement” and has escalated into a downhill addiction and coping mechanism of drug use by Ninja.

Image result for ninja twitch on drugs
A lot of his fans speculate that his drug use started when the fame (and the crazy hairstyles) reached full force.

Like anyone else, we hope that Ninja reaches out to the appropriate people and finds the help he needs.


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