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New Joe Biden Scandal: Creepier Than The Last


Although men and women who are public figures are expected to model good behavior and stay off the path of acts that are considered immoral or unlawful, that doesn’t seem to be the case of one man, “Joe Biden.”

In his over four decades as a US politician, he has managed to be on the receiving end of numerous scandals, no thanks to the fact he has repeatedly said or acted publicly in a manner that is morally questionable.

However, many will argue that he has a brilliant and accommodating personality, one who has recorded success politically. And if you consider the fact that for thirty-six years he was re-elected US senator from Delaware, then I’m sure you will have no reason to think otherwise.

joe biden pedophile

That said, Biden has made news headlines one time too many for the wrong reasons. Now rewind to 1987, the “plagiarism scandal” and the inflation of his academic record at law school that same year. You do remember that, don’t you?  What about the condescending and racist comment he made about Obama back in 2007?

In case you have forgotten, here is the statement; “I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a story-book, man.” That’s unacceptable from a man who was the vice president to Obama at the time.

I can go on listing the several scandalous statements Biden has made in the course of his political career, but his most recent shameful public act is the creepiest of them all. I mean, what can you make of a man who is well over 70 but is somehow sexually attracted to minors? What more Joe Biden pedophile evidence do you need?

Joe Biden Pedophile Evidence

On the internet (YouTube and other social media outlets) there are videos and pictures of Biden inappropriately touching/groping female minors and whispering into their ears, words that ought not to be said to them mainly by a man old enough to be their grand-dad. Stockpiles of Joe Biden pedophile evidence if you still are not convinced.

There has been so much buzz about this outrageous, disgraceful act on different media and Biden has deservedly been criticized on the internet, with many convinced that he is a Pedophile.

Granted there may be a cross-section of people who think the Joe Biden Pedophilia talks are a minor scandal but if you happen to be one of such persons or knows any who is, then you need to see some proof for yourself. Just Google “Joe Biden Pedophile Proof, ” and you will be amazed at the incredible creepiness of a man who is supposed to be a model of ethical, moral conduct.



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