From throwing trap parties in Amersfoort, to selling beats to local Netherlands artists, 23 year old Diki Voskuilen has had quite the upbringing. Through all of his antics however his mission has stayed the same. Keep hustling and keep making music. 

Voskuilen was tossed out of his first Primary school for selling marijuana. After that the young producer was forced into a school for the “hard to raise kids” as Voskuilen explained it. 

“My 3rd week there someone got stabbed when we had our lunchbreak…the second one f*cked me up mentally so I wouldn’t be ignorant anymore… kinda worked I guess” 

Must have worked.

Voskuilen has now turned his life around for the better and focusing on his true talents and passions. Currently studying at Herman Brood Academy, the highest schooling in music there is in the Netherlands, NoSoul still finds plenty of time to work on his music and personal brand. 

“I’ve got a project coming out in April with an American rapper called KP going Krazy out of STL. I’m also currently working with a dutch rapper called Tim Frozen, which is like a dutch version of suicide boys.” 

On top of this loaded music schedule NoSoul also is set to become the brand ambassador of the dutch shoe brand “New Offspring” within the next few weeks. 

Goes without saying 2019 is treating NoSoul well so far. 

NoSoul was just recently added to Spotify

Any artists of any kind should check out what @NoSoulBeats has to offer. Unique options across all genres.

Q: If someone was going to look into your work, what two tracks would you put them onto first?

NoSoul: Ergng and Savage. Those are my top two solo releases so far.

Q: Who is the biggest client you have ever worked with and which song would you say has found you the most success?

NoSoul: Trapmoneybiggie..or nah, ronnie flex. And most of my songs haven’t come out yet, most successful to date is Tim Frozen – Betoverd

Q: I gave your Spotify a listen. Definitely good stuff. But it seems very specific. I could be wrong but ‘Haas’ for example. I could see a rapper like Kendrick or A Boogie doing something wild with it. But those are top A level talents. What kind of muscians usually come to you for beats?

NoSoul: B and C level musicians of all genres.
But the things I’m dropping on Spotify now are very specific for a reason, I want to build a catalog for every specific genre within hip-hop.
So within a few weeks there will be another sound on my Spotify.
And as far as needing the big talent, my manager reaches out to a lot of labels and AR’s so I can get the big placements in the future.
Its all about clout these days, or getting the right connection, which is also clout. Nowadays I get a lot of street rappers wanting beats, I guess its in-bedded in trap music

Q: Once your Spotify catalog is set what’s the next play? If you can say?

NoSoul: Well the goal of opening those doors is to make songs with A level artist, I can tell you that. I want to be an influence on people’s lives in a good way. Everybody has one or more heroes, and they learn a lot from them. I want to be someone’s hero.

So keep an eye out for Diki Voskuilen, aka NoSoul. He just may be the hottest producer to come out of Europe in a minute.

Also a little fun fact:

The label that NoSoul originally signed to was called “FyreMGMT”. Once the documentaries came out about Billy McFarland’s “FyreFest” catastrophe, the group decided it was best to distance themselves from the name to avoid any accidental speculation that the two are connected.

The new name of the group is “Systa Management”.

Follow @nosoulbeats and check out his Spotify


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