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Natalie Belden SPOTTED In Mount Vernon

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Interesting “vacation choice” for our favorite Baltimore bottle girl. It of course raises the obvious question, is Natalie Belden finally done with John and his childish antics.

Are John And Natalie Belden Over?

Highly unlikely

We know how much the two mean to eachother. And we know how much it would really take for Natalie Belden to actually leave John. So much comfort has been built between the two.

Witnesses have reported to Todays Five that the two were seen together at the Ravens game last Sunday. A quick check through social media confirmed this claim.

The real question is, if Natalie has a secret lover in Mount Vernon, why would she so blatantly post pictures for John to see?

And how did she get back to Baltimore so quickly without John realizing?

We tried to reach out to John on his thoughts about the photos taken in Mount Vernon. We were unable to reach him. Unsurprisingly, Natalie Belden was also unavailable to comment.

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Can Natalie Stay Composed?

As we all know, Natalie is the glue that holds the Charles together.

Without her on staff the entire operation crumbles.

She is not only the most attractive person on staff but she is also the most confident.

Whatever it is that John is NOT providing at home he needs to start. Natalie cannot be taking secret trips up to Mount Vernon for days at a time (we are still hoping this is not a secret lover) so John please get your home life in order so The Charles can maintain the tips and clientele they are used to.

Rumors Of Natalie Coming Back To NYC?

I think it goes without saying that is Natalie actually calls it quits with John, she’ll be heading back to the upper east side.

Either way we are hoping for the best for Miss Natalie Belden as always and we hope the couple can remain happy through these trying times.


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