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Megan Fox Blood Sucking Habits Slowly Killing Machine Gun Kelly

megan fox blood sucking

We often see celebrities share love notes and flowers or organize dreamy proposals but what is surprising is drinking each other’s blood as an expression of love. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shared the news of their engagement on Instagram in a unique way. Unique in that Megan Fox blood sucking habits may be killing her boyfriend.

Speculations online regarding MGK appearing increasingly unhealthy began to circulate well before Megan Fox went public with her ritual.

They revealed to the world that they had said yes and drank each other’s blood. Everyone thought they were joking until Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly blood drinking ritual was confirmed by Megan herself.

Is it normal, or is there a demonic ritual involved? It seems like someone is trying to kill the love of their life.

Machine Gun Kelly Was Healthier Before He Dated Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox met in March 2020 on a film set and started dating in May 2020 after Megan’s divorce from her ex-husband. Megan and Kelly seem happy together, especially after their engagement, but Kelly’s health is alarming the fans.

machine gun kelly blood

Before he started dating Megan, Kelly was a handsome young man who loved to laugh and smile. However, recently, it seems like he does not like to smile or mess around anymore. He maintains more of a serious personality.

megan fox blood

Moreover, his health is seriously deteriorating from what appears. He is rapidly losing weight which does not seem normal. It seems like Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly blood drinking ritual must be doing something with his health because he has never appeared to be so weak and pale before.

Megan Fox Blood Sucking Habits – Is Megan Fox An Energy Vampire?

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly blood sucking habits were first revealed on their engagement post.

megan fox blood sucking

She said that they drank each other’s blood so that their souls would belong to one another. She was trying to state that they have a stronger bond than humans commonly have, which leads to other speculations about her relationship with Kelly.

The Megan Fox Blood Conspiracies

There are chances that some demonic rituals are involved in their relationship. Here are a few reasons why it may be possible.

  • They drank each other’s blood on engagement. It may have been a few drops but not a normal thing that we would do on a proposal.
  • Megan claimed that she and Kelly often drink each other blood on special occasions or for rituals. However, she did not give any clear idea regarding the rituals, why they are doing this and what they are expecting from these rituals. So, it seems like they are hiding something which surely is something disturbing.
  • We have heard that Megan thinks she has manifested Kelly from her thoughts. So, by drinking his blood, she might have been trying to control him.
  • Kelly is wearing a necklace with Megan’s blood on it. You may think it is sweet but disturbing at the same time.
  • Is Megan Fox an energy vampire? This is another discussed conspiracy.

Real Vampires Are Warning Megan Kelly And Machine Gun Kelly

The vampire associations are warning the couple. The head of vampire associations states that such activities are extremely dangerous because they can spread diseases; moreover, withdrawing blood is very dangerous, and it should only be done under the supervision of medical professionals.

No doubt both parties should consent to such activities, but nothing seems to be normal in this case. Not the first Hollyweird event.

Megan Fox May Be Slowly Killing Machine Gun Kelly

It would not be wrong to say that Megan Fox is trying to kill Machine Gun Kelly, and there are various reasons why. Megan said that Kelly says he is ready to open up his chest for her to have his soul. They both have a serious conversation during their blood drinking rituals.

megan fox conspiracy

Moreover, Machine Gun Kelly accidentally stabbed himself once when he was trying to impress Megan.

What was the need to impress a lady with a sharp object? The blood drinking ritual will not stop anytime soon and Kelly’s deteriorating health is a clear sign that he needs to get out of this mess before he loses his life.

Will Toxic Romance Take Machine Gun Kelly’s Life? Megan Fox Blood Sucking Tendencies

Not only the public but friends of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are not very happy with their relationship.

They think that the couple has a toxic relationship that will not end well. Megan’s friends claim that she is obsessed with Kelly and not in a normal way. They say that nothing else is important for her except Kelly.

megan fox blood

On the other hand, Kelly has said that the couple might attempt suicide or murder if they have to part way, regardless of the reason. The couple is dealing with intense short sparks because of their intense emotions, and Kelly is the one suffering the most if anything bad happens.

Machine Gun Kelly Looking Sickly After Megan Fox Blood Rituals

On the outside, it seems like they both are very happy, but the reality is something different. Before dating Megan Fox, Kelly was a very cheerful and happy person. However, over the past few months’ things have changed.

He does not only look lifeless, and his personality has completely changed. In a previous interview, he claimed that he suffers from serious mental health issues. Moreover, he struggles with other health problems, and he is not happy anymore. These claims show that there is something wrong in his personal life that he is not yet ready to share.

Stress And Anxiety Have Increased

  • Machine Gun Kelly recently told in an interview that he is suffering from very serious mental health issues. He stated that his mental health is seriously deteriorating because of the changes in his life.
  • Kelly said that he is becoming more vulnerable outside his profession of being a singer.
  • He is under continuous pressure to give great performances to his fans while dealing with some personal issues affecting his mental health.
  • Kelly shared about his struggles of being in the public eye most of the time because of his professional and the changes in her personal life.
  • Megan is seriously changing and controlling the things around him, which is damaging his peace of mind and mental health.

Fake Smiles

Kelly claimed that there are many pictures in which he is smiling, but he finds it hard to even be happy because of the issues he is dealing with. He said that maintaining a happy persona all the time is very difficult, especially when it is damaging your health.

megan fox killing machine gun kelly

Is Megan Fox Really Killing Accidentally Machine Gun Kelly?

Machine Gun Kelly is dealing with some serious sorts of issues due to which his health is suffering. His relationship with Megan Fox plays a huge role because of all the rituals they must do, especially the drinking of blood.

They should stop this ritual because it may end Kelly’s life if they are continuous. His health is affected. He is becoming skinny, pale, and unfit. All we can do is hope that Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly blood drinking ritual comes to an end before it takes their life.


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