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McDonalds To Start Serving ‘McSghetti’ This March

McCheese Crumbs sold separately

I’ll be honest, I thought McDonald’s has been going out of bounds since they started serving fish. Stay in your lane guys. You sell burgers, fast food burgers. Fries and milshakes should be the extent of your extras. Now you have not only mozzarella sticks, but SPAGHETTI!.

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Coming in 2020

McSghetti will debut for a limited time (I predict the only time) in early March. It has been announced that initially it will only be available in New York City. So on the bright side, for atleast a month, the F train will only be the second most disgusting thing in NYC. Commuters can take comfort in this. And for that, we as America thanks McDonalds for their service as always.

I saved my favorite part for last.

McSghetti will debut with a special topping that comes in a separate package. And they are calling it… *drum roll* McCheese Crumbs!

For only $0.20 more you can get a 50% chance at eating larvae!

McSghetti is set to be priced at a reasonable $5.95. I assume can only assume this is due to the McCheese Crumbs being imported from Italy, since McDonalds is known for passing on savings to it’s customers.


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