More crazy news out of Florida…

Central Florida resident Rony Otoniel Mendez, 26 years old, has bee sentenced to life in prison for raping and impregnating a 10-year-old girl.

Authorities say Mendez first had sex with the girl in October 2013 and then two more times after that. (Source)

Rony Otoniel Mendez is of Guatemalan descent. Commentators on the incident have noted the tendency of adult-children relationships in Guatemalan culture. Some even go as far to say it is common practice for adult males in Guatemala to prey upon girls as young as 9-12 years old.

/U/ProjectManagerAMA shared an anecdote on Reddit today after the story initially broke:
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The young girl gave birth to the baby in May 2015. DNA tests confirmed that the child belonged to Rony Otoniel Mendez.

Mendez fled to Guatemala shortly after the allegations were made. He was swiftly extradited back to the states and arrested.


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