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Joe Biden Facing Ridicule After Revealing He “Sits On The Toilet Backwards”

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden greets customers at the Buttercup Diner during a campaign stop in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

At the end of a press conference that can only be described as nothing less than bizarre, presidential candidate Joe Biden wrapped up his speech with a personal anecdote involving his morning routine. The story definitely did not seem necessary. It did not seem relevant and I’m sure Biden had intended this story to be a lighthearted end before leaving the stage. However, it was anything but that.

#ToiletGate More Polarizing Than Expected

“We all have 24 hours in a day. Sure there are things you need to do. Each morning after I finish my cereal, like every other American, I go to the bathroom. But I don’t just do that, I’m hunched over writing ideas, my notepad on the toilet top.” Biden continued, “(laughing) that’s the great thing about the toilet really, why do you think they designed it like a desk? So when you sit doing your business, you can also take care of business.”

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It could have been the intimate setting of the press conference that caused Biden to open up so personally

I had never seen less reporter hands go up in a press conference. After the first part he could have played it off as someone who just likes to take notes on the john. Weird but whatever. But then he went on to clarify. “Why do you think they designed it like a desk?”

I was speechless.

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Joe Biden’s Office

And to remove any and all doubt, he later confirmed that he does in fact sit on the toilet backwards. What’s worse? He didn’t know he was sitting on it backwards… for 77 YEARS this man thought sitting on the toilet backwards was the correct way.

“Yeah that wasn’t – my staffer brought it up to me.” Biden explained in a follow up interview with MSNBC, “Apparently not everyone sits on the toilet like that. Apparently I sit on it backwards. I think it was – I don’t know it made sense to me it’s a good place to eat your cereal. Efficient. I guess. (Laughter).” – MSNBC

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Poor Joe…

Joe Biden continues to shoot himself in the foot but now I’m starting to think he is doing it on purpose.

This man literally just said on MSNBC that he eats cereal on his toilet. Like, he sits on it backwards and uses the top of the toilet to eat his cereal of off. This is who the DNC wants to push through as the candidate for the National Election.

When this all first came out I thought fine whatever, the man sits on the toilet backwards. The worst part about it was the fact that I had just envisioned Joe Biden on a toilet. But then he doubles down. It’s not his fault that he sits on it backwards. That’s how it looks like it’s supposed to work. I mean come on it looks like a desk. And look, you can eat cereal off it while you drop a deuce!

Add this to the other allegations….

Whatever, it’s not like this is the worst thing Ol’ Joe has done.


  1. I’m guessing that this is the way he was raised eating brekkie on the john would save time in a rushed household, I guess. We always started at the table after getting dressed but you never know what happened in some homes.

    • It has to be because this shit can’t be serious. Can anybody post a video of our next President Joseph Biden actually saying this?

  2. In the mess we are in and truthfully I don’t think Joe Biden really wanted the job. Maybe it was the Ukraine expose that is still coming down the Road. I kept thinking the Durham report was taking too long and what may come along to take away from it and make it seem irrelevant…Well my hunch was correct but never could have figured this virus taking over. So they say it may be Cuomo. I still say since everything has become a cartoon it will be Hillary that is alive again. (It’s alive. It’s alive) to the rescue as late on the game as possible. She has to win to clean up the mess she left behind or she will be possibly in jail.

  3. Democrats are absolutely ignorant to want a person like this to be President. 20 candidates and you pick the one with dementia. Sweet!

    • Why not? Demented Americans picked a game show host to run this country believing the “what have you got to lose” line. Now we know!

  4. To say “Oops!” after the first comment and smile like you were joking would have been normal, but the following comments expounding on the fact that he does sit backwards and eats and take notes for his day on the toilet worry me–what might he say to world leaders and not even know that he is making a fool of himself?
    And last night he spoke on TV and chewed up his thoughts and said nothing at one point that made any sense. What the??????????

  5. Safe to assume he wears no drawers. Which is fine, but for someone as demented as he appears, it would be a lot of work to sit at his “desk”

  6. He wants to be president he has got to be joking he is definitely not normal and his marbles are in Ukraine rolling down the gutter somewhere to put it bluntly he is a fckn idiot i think the communist Sanders at least had his marbles they were just rolling around in his head anyone who votes democrats is in real need of psychiatric help

  7. Do you want him for a president ??? Somethings wrong with his mind. I think he’s been around Polosi and Hillary too long !!

    • “Pelosi”
      And I suppose having a game show host Prez who has told in excess of 18,000 lies to the American people and is a Russian tool is better?

  8. And you think u r qualified to be president. Can we be assured u won’t do everything backwards. God please FORBID

  9. Oh as opposed to just going up and grabbing pussy? Yes be all so appalled at anything you can, as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with all the horrible behavior that orange buffoon does! Seriously you all have no room to be critical!

    • Lets see, Donald Trump says some locker room inappropriate things in a private conversation as a private citizen…. Joe Biden gropes an intern (allegedly) and publicly sniffs, kisses and touches young women on camera, (making them noticeably uncomfortable), as an elected official on duty. Same situations??? I think not.

  10. After he’s elected and the Chinese take over I wonder if he’ll sign the document of unconditional surrender with a crayon?

    • I guess it’s better to have an alleged Prez who is on national TV saying how he grabs women by the pussy… Conservative sheep. Have a nice glass of bleach.

  11. I hope that the toilet seat was round, he wiped his butt real good, he flushed the toilet, he raised the seat when he finished his business and he washed his hands
    Real good.

  12. Will……someone please……….comen…pick me……up off the……….flo…floor?……..Im…….laughing t….to….hard and I ……cant get up!!! (peals of laughter)

  13. And this is the hope of Democrats? What in God’s name? This man is a complete lost cause. And this is what liberals want in the highest office of our Country and one of the most powerful positions in the world? What in God’s name are they thinking? This man is a buffoon. He never ceases to amaze me with his constant gaffes. He’s an imbecile. He shouldn’t be allowed to speak, let alone run for President of the United States. Thank God for President Trump. My word…?

  14. Hey I tried this out this morning and it works great. I had plenty of room for my laptop and oatmeal! Thanks for the great idea Joe!!

  15. China Joe was gifted a little Chinese girl to molest when visiting his owners in China. Of course Chinese intelligence got the sex crimes on tape. China Joe got 1.5 Billion in bribe money through his son Hunter from China, the Clintons have been on the China spy payroll since the 90s. Save the children of Haiti, America and the world from these child sacrificing satanic monsters.

  16. Joe Biden knows in his heart that he is the only one who can truly defeat Ronald Reagan this November……Oh sorry, I meant Joe Biden knows in his heart that he is the only one who can truly defeat Joe Biden this November.

  17. Joe Biden knows in his heart that he is the only one who can truly defeat Ronald Reagan this November……Oh sorry, I meant Joe Biden knows in his heart that he is the only one who can truly defeat Joe Biden this November.


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