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Janae Guy Nude – Leaked Snapchat Pictures

jan guy

Janae Guy has been working hard at the Instagram game since 2013.

Some quick facts about Janae Guy to catch everyone up to speed if you have not seen her Instagram:

– Super big titties

– Very popular in NYC, lives in NYC

– Has some sort of 9-5 job

– Known for where revealing, eccentric, trend-setting clothing

– Played lacrosse at Canisius College. And like was actually good.

Now, all that being said, her life is actually kind of a mystery. 

jan guy

So much so that it took the PI staff hired by Today’s Five almost 6 months to gather any substantial information about Jan Guy (Janae Guy). 

Why is Janae Guy a mystery? And why is it even worth looking into? 

Because it genuinely is confusing. Now obviously this isn’t Banksy level. But some things did take our team to get to the bottom of.

Jan spends so much time sculpting her Instagram. 

Wearing trendy outfits, acting silly in neon rain coats all while keeping the same aesthetic feel through the page. 

This effort though hasn’t gone unrewarded. 

janae guy

At 70k Instagram followers Janae Guy has finally reached a degree of fandom. 

Selfies get 50 or more comments. 

A reddit account fawns over her. (I won’t even begin to get into the level of worship those three thousand people feel towards Jan Guy, but feel free to check for yourself. 

janae guy nude

They are actually OBSESSED with Jan Guy.

But we don’t have time to delve into them right now.

Back to the subject at hand –

Even though Jan is just shy of 100k followers, it’s the high engagement that attracts the advertisers. She has a localized a fan base. And a rich one. New York City. 

Jan Guy single handledly put Common Ground Bar back on the map. She has done the same for many bars in Brooklyn. Is this by accident? Has she been getting paid? It’s hard to tell. 

How Old Is Jan Guy? 

Jan Guy is 28 years old. She was born in 1993. 

Still, nearing 30 Jan Guy is only looking hotter. 

Timeline Of Her Career Path


After graduating from Canisius College in 2018, Jan now had a Bachelors of Science in Health/Wellness. A 5 year program. With a goal in mind to get into sports training. 

While at Canisius College Jan Guy played lacrosse. And believe it or not, that’s what first put her in the spotlight. Not her melons. Well, it put her melons in the spotlight. 

janae guy

Either way, Jan was on the Athlete Advisory Committee and a two-time member Atlantic All-Conference team. She was crushing it. 

She worked in the Buffalo area (her hometown) at Impact Sports Performance as an Excercise Science Intern. 

Jan Guy only stayed with Exercise Science for about 6 months. 


For about a year and a half Jan was a retail event specialist for SplashThat.com

Jan Guy would make a great event manager. And an even better show girl on site. Don’t get me wrong. But we all knew she would have bigger goals in mind. 


Now Jan is putting her true talents to use. That perfect body. 

She is a talent for the company InTurn. They sell software. As they say though, sex sells. And I guess that applies to software. 

Party Phase 

Somewhere between 2018 and 2020 it is clear that Jan Guy was escaping something. 

She seems to be in a much better place now. No validation from Instagram is needed. She is being paid for her image again. No need for nude photo shoots or strange promotions at Common Ground Bar or 1Oak

We are definitely all happy to see that Jan Guy seems to be turning away from partying, and focusing more on modeling/her career. Which is great to see. 

Janae Guy Net Worth 

Jan Guy has a net worth of about $400,000. 

This comes from a combination of her salary, modeling royalties, and paid media sponsorships. 

Janae Guy Depop Store

Janae does have a Depop store which has lead some people to believe she was low on cash. 

That may be true but we ran some numbers. 

Her Depop store account was opened 7 months ago. 

In that time she has sold 282 different items. 

janae guy nude

We took her sold items and found the average final sale price. It was 84.72. 

84.72 x 282 = $23,891. 

So almost 24k in 7 months? That’s a lot better than what you’ll get at GoodWill if you drop it off there. She knows shes got good style. And she knows people want it. And will pay for it. 

I don’t know how much Depop takes per transaction but I imagine Janae Guy made an extra 20k at the very least by having this side store. 

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