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Ivanka Trump Is Now Assisting In Coronavirus Vaccine Research


Ivanka Trump is known for getting involved in as many facets of politics and societal issues as she possibly can. Anything from charity to political activism, Ivanka has found a way to throw her hat in the ring more times than not.

Still, most were shocked to hear that Ivanka was deeply interested in working towards the Coronavirus cure on the ground level. Working in a lab with researchers is definitely not where you would expect to find Ivanka Trump. But these days she spends more than 60 hours a week at NYU Langone Health, where she is helping researchers develop and test vaccines that they hope will prove to be effective against the Coronavirus.

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“I did major in economics. That was at Wharton School in Pennsylvania.” Explained Ivanka when asked about her credentials for such a role, “Before that I was very interested, always interested in medicine and how the human body works. Before I went to Wharton I was studying human sciences at Georgetown. That’s why I did that. It was always a passion.”

That being said, Ivanka does not consider herself an “expert” by any means.

“I mean listen, obviously I know more than the average person when it comes to medicine and anatomy. I did study it for two years of my life. But this isn’t about me.” Ivanka continued, “This is about helping the American people. Saving the American people…I understand these (researchers) know more than me. I am just here to help. But I am learning more and more everyday. And honestly the reason I am here truly is all of this is a tragedy and someone needs to step up and figure this out. This is me stepping up.”

Opinions about her presence in the lab are varied. To say the least.

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To a lot of researchers and even other workers in the building, seeing Ivanka in scrubs is a sign of hope. It is a sign that the current administration truly does care about getting this pandemic under control.

An unnamed source from NYU Langone had a very different opinion however, implying that Ivanka’s presence does more harm then good.

“I appreciate the sentiment, I really do, I think we all really do”, explained the employee from NYU Langone, “But this has created a media circus. And it has slowed down our process quite a bit, to the point where I believe Ivanka being here is counter productive to our collective goals.”

Ivanka has heard some of these negative comments on her involvement, but it does not seem to phase her.

ivanka trump coronavirus

“I am learning a lot, I am having fun, I know a high majority of the staff appreciates me being there. But more importantly, despite what people say, I know that I am making an impact. I know that I am not getting in the way of anything. I understand what the true goal here is, and that is to save American citizens from this awful pandemic. And that is why I am out here right now. Doing just that.”

Currently Ivanka has not had any issues being around the lab. She tested negative for COVID-19 less than 24 hours ago.

Despite your opinion on all of this, it can’t be denied that this is a brave endeavor. This comes only days after the viscous threats from ISIS were sent to her.


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