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ISIS Vows To Capture Ivanka Trump And Behead Barron Trump


Early reports from PJ Media suggest that ISIS supporters have not only depicted an image of Barron Trump being beheaded in a gruesome manner, but they have now vowed their main goal is to have Ivanka captured by ISIS (alive), and then behead Barron Trump. Or as they refer to him, “America’s mule son.” Still not sure why all the hate for Barron. Must be a thing against Trust Fund babies…

Anyway, since the image depicted that of a behead Barron Trump (who is a young minor), it will likely not be spread around mainstream news outlets.

behead barron trump

Others have attempted to describe the depiction of a behead Barron Trump:

“Soon we will cut the head of america’s mule son,” says the text on the Barron image.
A message posted last month on a pro-ISIS Telegram channel by an ISIS supporter called on fellow followers to “handle the son of the mule of America” and included a photo of the president’s son and a snapshot of a Google map showing the location of Barron’s school.

ISIS supporters have been on a holiday threat spree, taking the terror group’s PR into their own hands with a flurry of propaganda posters encouraging lone jihadists to attack, including a new one reiterating previous calls to “put terror in their hearts by running them over or stabbing them or burning structures and forests.” – PJ Media

ISIS Targets Ivanka Trump

Clearly the image has ISIS supporters in an uproar. And just the thought of Ivanka captured by ISIS has the infidels going insane.

Leaders are telling their clans that the time is now to go in and make attempts on capturing the “Royal Family” as they see it. High Commander Amir Skhliju has expressed big plans for his expected capture of Ivanka. They are as disgusting as you can imagine.

isis captures ivanka

Not only does he want to beat her and let the townsfolk have their way with her one by one, which he was quick to add would only follow after he has “had her first”.

Further translations implied the use of “chains to make her the town square dog”. Letting the restless population in the capitol use her body until she dies from blunt force or starvation. I’m sure that sounds as sick to you as it does to me.. Luckily, I am very confident neither Ivanka or Barron will find their way into the hands of these ISIS monsters. For starters, we know how much Trump loves his daughter…

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Let’s Not Get Too Concerned

Ivanka is terrified. And for good reason. But these threats have come and gone in the past, Ivanka has lived her whole life in the stardom. Flying high security and keeping a low profile.

On top of that, all the other non-threats that have come just make me believe less and less of their ability to execute any sort of plan, let alone a kidnapping of Ivanka Trump.

In fact, this isn’t even Barron Trump’s first death threat. “According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, the initial message, sent on November 21 by an ISIS supporter via Telegram, reportedly “called for the assassination of Barron Trump, and shared the address, and called for the backers of the terrorist organization to assassinate him.” – AOL

Still, if ISIS targets Ivanka, her protection should be of utmost importance.

Liberal or Conservative, it is beyond a bipartisan decision. We cannot let our President’s daughter Ivanka captured by ISIS and degraded and treated like an animal. I don’t expect many people would wish that on anyone…


  1. I say weed out these fake people from the middle East that pretend to care about America when in truth, they are cells for ISIS. Yet we stupid politically correct Americans allow these cowards to live among us. I say let’s wipe them of the face of this earth!


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