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Initial Military Plans For North Korea Response Announced


Earlier today, North Korea launched a missile that flew right over Japan. Another act of aggression in a series of hostile actions since early last year. Since then, National officials from around the globe have been convening to discuss appropriate action. To the surprise of many, China has condemned the actions of North Korea. Japan soon reached out to the UN and with the help of U.S. military personnel, plans for an initial response have been proposed. The backbone of the strategy is a North Korea blockade.

With the help of Japan, South Korea, and now China, many officials in Trump’s cabinet finally think the North Korea blockade could be a viable solution.

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South Korea holds one of the highest-security borders on the globe, infiltration is of little concern on the southern end. Refugees will be allowed access through this point.

John Richardson, Joint Chief of Staff, has full confidence that with the combination of Japan and U.S. naval forces, a tight security blockade is very attainable.

As with every U.S. mission, safety of our military personnel is of extreme importance. There is high speculation as to the ability North Korea possesses in a military sense. Some believe it to be very little. Either way, precautions will be taken. First step of the plan is to air raid all military bases and suspected nuclear experimentation facilities.

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Once all possible land threats are destroyed, phase two of the operation begins.

This involves bringing in aircraft to destroy infantry that will likely be stationed along the coast.

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For years the United States and South Korea have performed military drills off the coast of North Korea almost annually. It is a tradition that Kim Jung Un has declared Nuclear war over many times. Source: Al Jazeera

In response, North Korea has set up their own form of drills. They have lined the coast and fired their weapons towards Japanese and United States vessels. These exercises have created a lot of hostile moments.

Photos by South Korean spies have given a better insight into the strategy and mobilization of North Korea coastal defense.

In the image below you can see an example of the heavy artillery North Korea is ready to put in play. North Korea spends a large majority of their resources on building their military. And in photos like this one it’s not hard to believe.

According to South Korean officials, wiping out coastal infantry will not be an issue. Excersises and simulations have proved that Japan and U.S. missles have the ability to clear over 20 miles of coast without getting into the North Korean’s infantry range.

The true challenge is what comes next… Maintaining the North Korea blockade.

While South Korea and China protect the land borders and allow refugees, U.S. and Japanese naval forces will have to surround North Korea and contain it in a blockade. No supplies in, no supplies out. North Korea already has a low quality of life for the lower to working class, and at time fails to prepare them with adequate food. The blockade will allow no food, medicine, or military arms. With their already short supply of food cut off, restlessness will increase along with starvation. With no access to medicine many will die. All imports will be cut off including sanitary products, disease will spread rapidly through the already filthy streets.

Before long the Empire will crumble from within. The people rising up to overthrow the Supreme Leader before they all perish.

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There are plans to arm rebels within North Korea once chaos has escalated to a high enough degree.

There are a few concerns that arise even if North Korea is unable to overcome the blockade.

  • What are China’s motives?
  • Will Russia intervene?
  • Will refugee assimilation become a problem?
  • Will guerrilla refugees emerge?

Anyone got any better ideas than a North Korea blockade?


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