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How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You Again

boyfriend love you again

A reader submission on “how to make your boyfriend love you again”:

Love. All sunshine and roses in the beginning, endless phone calls, messages, fun dates with effort. You are having the time of your life. Than 6 months, a year in and suddenly you realize date night has become home-made dinner in bed and Netflix… not bad but not exactly the stuff movies are made of.

Messages become single worded instructions or the boring shopping lists… hearts and smileys have disappeared… you know that the crazy initial romance can’t last forever but there must be a way to get the romance back? When you feel him pulling away how do you get his love and romance back? Is it even possible? Can you make someone fall in love again?

boyfriend love you again

How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You Again

The first step is to make yourself a priority and to start feeling good about yourself first. You need to love yourself and be happy with yourself before thinking of your man. A makeover is always a good idea, everybody feels good with pretty nails, a brand new hairstyle.

You know what makes you feel good – go ahead those new shoes are always a good idea! There is nothing more attractive than self-confidence. Feel good about yourself, and your man will too.

When thinking of how to make my boyfriend fall in love with me again, remember absence can make the heart grow fonder.

how to make my boyfriend fall in love with me again

Date night is great way to reconnect with your man. OUTSIDE the house. Watching Netflix in bed does not count. Effort needs to be made. New shoes and hair needs to be shown off. Get all dressed up and enjoy the preparation for a big night out.

Conversation, great food and perfect shoes cannot go wrong. Reconnect and remember the fun you used to have on dates. Fun is a great way to connect with someone. Make him miss spending time with you.

Going with that theme, try planning a new hobby or activity you can do together, bond over together. Find something you both enjoy, be it road running, hiking, pottery, painting, anything you can do together and have fun with together. 

Validate Him

Is it possible to make your boyfriend love you again? If it is, then validation is key. Make him feel good about himself. Talk about how amazing he is. Praising him in public will make him feel great about himself and feel amazing being with you. 

Give him time. You may need time yourself time as well, to have time to yourself, have fun with your girlfriends, recharge. Let him use the time to miss you, and give you both something to talk about after.

Everybody needs time to themselves. It will also show off your self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

boyfriend love you again

Show up for him. Look after him when he is sick, even if it is just man-flu. Be there when he needs you. Take care of him, and chances are he will be sure to take care of you too.

Do random kind things for him, for example cook him his favourite meal just because… It will show him how loved he is.

Make your space a happy place. Try keep the atmosphere around you a happy one. Laugh. Make your space a happy easy tplace to be. And you won’t be asking how to make your boyfriend love you again.

If something bothers you speak up and don’t let things fester. Nothing builds resentment like bottling everything up inside. Often men do not know what they have done wrong.

Nobody wants to be around an angry sulky person. Speak up, compromise and move on. 

Sometimes, It’s For the Best

This is what I have learned after doing all my research on this topic, and I believe all great tips if you are in a happy relationship trying to either make it better, or to bring some of the earlier magic back.

However I feel one has to ask themselves how far are they willing to go for a relationship. I feel that any good relationship should be an equal partnership, both parties putting in roughly the same amount of work. And as anyone can tell you, a good relationship is hard work. However when does it become too hard?

boyfriend love you again

When it starts to feel that one party is doing mostly all the work is that fair?

How far are you willing to go to make your boyfriend love you again? Maybe its time to ask the question of is this relationship really the best thing for me?

And can you honestly make someone feel anything except perhaps fear?

I honestly feel that there is that one true love, that perfect partner or person out there for everyone. Someone who makes you feel loved and appreciated and who will do their share of the relationship work because they want to and they truly do love you.

But you will never find your prince unless you let go of your frog and put yourself out there. Don’t settle. Don’t sell yourself short. If you are willing to put all this love and energy into a relationship you deserve a great one, with someone who appreciates you and your amazingness!


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