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How To Know If You Qualify For A Stimulus Check

qualify for a stimulus check

As it now stands the Coronavirus stimulus package is set to be in effect by the end of the weekend. The Senate has made it clear they are on board and will work through the weekend to finalize the proposal. The delay comes in the form of further debate regarding small business bailouts, but the details on the direct stimulus package to Americans and who will qualify for a stimulus check has been finalized. 

UPDATE – Check here for the newest info on the Second Stimulus Check and when you will receive it.

What We Know:

  • Two rounds of direct payments to American taxpayers
  • First check on April 6th, second check on May 18th
  • Each check will be in the amount of $1,000
  • These checks will NOT be garnished, even if you owe state or federal tax
  • Those currently on Social Security are eligible to receive checks 
  • Checks are to be claimed using an online portal and then will be mailed out 
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Who Qualifies For Stimulus Checks

To qualify for a stimulus check you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a tax paying American with a SSN over 18 years old
  • You must currently be employed (see below for exceptions)
  • You must not have earned more than $950,000 in taxable income for the year of 2019
  • If spouses file together only one needs to be employed for both to receive checks

There are some exceptions for unemployed Americans:

Exceptions For Unemployed Americans

There are a few exceptions to the employment stipulation to ensure contracted workers, recently laid-off workers, and the elderly are taken care of as well. 

If you are currently unemployed you can still qualify for a stimulus check if:

  • You lost your job directly due to Coronavirus shutdowns
  • You made at least $2,500 in taxable income for 2019
  • You are on disability or receive Social Security
  • You are over 62 years old

Of course many people are arguing that this won’t be enough to stop the bleeding. 

Millions of service workers have already lost their jobs and millions of others have lost thousands of dollars in retirement savings due to the crashing stock market. 

The cash stimulus package will help but if Washington is going to impose a lock down on day-to-day operations then they must also work out a way to help the average American make it through the pandemic. All should be able to qualify for a stimulus check.


  1. Under WHAT WE KNOW, it is stated that “Checks are to be claimed using an online portal and then mailed out”. I read someplace yesterday that Scammers are busy at work with their schemes to redirect these funds away from us. The article advised that no one should respond to anything asking for our personal information such as SSN, date of birth, and such. How will this portal claiming process take place? Why can’t the checks just be mailed out to our addresses? What is the need for an extra step?
    Thank you.

    • If you are currently unemployed you can still qualify for a stimulus check if:

      You made at least $2,500 in taxable income for 2019

    • To qualify for a stimulus check you must meet the following criteria:

      You must currently be employed.

      Has nothing to do with whether or you not you were employed in 2019 unless you are currently unemployed.

      • I had 2 part time jobs and lost one due to the virus. I am on u employment and have been for a while going to school. I did make over 2500 in taxable income for 2019 do I still qualify since I only work part time and am on unemployment too??

  2. “You must not have earned more than $950,000 in taxable income for the year of 2019” What??? Why would anyone earning that amount of money need a check?? How many people earn that much?

    • If you are currently unemployed you can still qualify for a stimulus check if:

      You made at least $2,500 in taxable income for 2019

  3. Will we have to register on line and how can we be sure our SS numbers will be safe. Can it be directly deposit in our bank account ?

  4. How about China ask us what it’s worth-uncounted jobs lost now and in the future-all the factories gone due to the filthy pig business owners who sold out our citizens?The politicians who claim to be for the working class and “low income” who depend so heavily on some of those positions?The big box trash stores that sell poison items and pet food from China;what will they pay??

  5. To me, there’s only 5 real jobs in America: Police Officers, Teachers, Firefighters, Doctors, and the Military Service.

    • You must be a real idiot. Are you a carpenter, electrician, plumber, mechanic etc? Next time you have a major catastrophe and you begin to realize that you personally have zero real skills to fix anything yourself, I believe that reality will come slap you real hard in the face. Maybe someday you will have a personal assistant robot that can do ANYTHING. But I highly doubt that. Better learn some skills. It’s the unskilled workers that are going to suffer the most. Any fat ass donut hound can be a cop. Do they even require passing a physical these days?

    • umm, how about nurses, funeral directors, the people that made the laptop or cell phone that you are currently bitching on, etc etc etc

  6. can I still recieve a stimulous check if I did not work in 2019 but I have been working since January of this year? I believe it should go off of who is presently working also. I was not able to work in 2019 because I was incarcerated. but I have been working a lot of overtime this year. please let me know what I can do or if there is anytiome I can do.
    Thank you
    Mitchell Davis

  7. so I was laid off due to this covid-19 and don’t know if I am going back to work, as of now the company is still open but working with very limited amount of employees. will this be a problem form some of us in the same situation?

    • I just need to know what is going on and how long do we paycheck to paycheck people are going to do bills don’t stop rent don’t stop insurance don’t stop we need help now not in 2 or 3 weeks

  8. what about if your waiting on getting disability and have been out of work since feb 2017..i had thyroid cancer and now my right kidney has a cancerous mass on my right kidney and the whole kidney needs to be removed .I am having a horrible time getting insurance and the mass has grown from2cm to 3.5cm,i have not worked my heads and feet and ankles get to swollen I cant hold anything or walk ; he past 7 or 8 month I cant remember anything at ALL. the doctors think it my be the medicine im on for the thyroid. DO any of u know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and remember NOTHING at all, well its scary.so how would a person like myself qualify?

  9. What about the homeless people that have been on the street for the whole time or people who are considered disabled but haven’t received ssi yet

  10. I’m on Social Security. I worked for 50 years in bank accounting. How will they know to send me a check, or will I have to fill out a form?

  11. what does it mean they cant verifie your info at this time for ya to get a check>how the h do ya verifie when irs is down

  12. What about those who are in a Tax Topic 201 – The Collection Process. Are these folks going to receive the stimulus check? (Anyone who actually knows can reply?)
    We can’t get a hold of any IRS employee in their office to answer the phone due because of no employee working because of the epidemic. And there’s little help via the IRS app or IRS website.

  13. It appears that retired persons drawing retirement checks and Social Security do not get a check. Am I interpreting this correctly?

    • yes that’s what i would like to know myself, Betty. It makes no sense, we all are human and all have a right, no one should be left out of this stimulus package. myself i am on SSI and i am not sure why i have not got mine yet. and everyone around me is getting there’s

  14. My son claimed us on his taxes,but the goverment took it. Will we still be eligible to get a Stimulus check?

  15. my life partner claimed me 2018 2019. but is done claiming me. I have turned 65 Dec.20 am on ssi and disability how do I go about getting a stimulus check??


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