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How To Kill A Murder Hornet – 4 Strategies

how to kill a murder hornet

As murder hornets continue to kill humans worldwide, Japan has announced the four most effective ways they have found on how to kill a murder hornet or a murder hornet colony. These strategies given by Japan have been researched since the early 1970s.

Many do warn that those who are uneducated in the matter will kill innocent insects.

Before learning how to kill a murder hornet, be sure you know exactly how to identify one.

1. Poisonous Extermination

  • Pros
    • Can be highly effective in eliminating large amounts of murder hornets quickly.
    • Keeps victim at a physical distance from murder hornets
  • Cons
    • Effects of suggested poisons have not been extensively tested.

There are a few options when it comes to poison.

How To Kill A Murder Hornet
Malathion is your friend against murder hornets

“Above-ground nests can usually be treated with a ready-to-use aerosol spray designed specifically to kill wasps and hornets. The University of Missouri Extension recommends using aerosol products with special nozzles and propellant systems that spray streams of insecticide up to 20 feet away.” – SF Gate

SF Gate seems pretty confident in the use of aerosol products to kill murder hornets. There is definite evidence that Raid is effective.

Malathion is the one proven chemical to kill an entire swarm of murder wasps if administered correctly.

2. Bait Traps

  • Pros
    • If done successfully, the hornet can be captured and turned in for research.
    • Keeps hunter at safe distance from murder hornet.
  • Cons
    • If the trap fails, there will be at least one angry hornet.
    • If the hornet is not disposed of quickly, others may come to it’s rescue.
How To Kill A Murder Hornet

If you want to know how to kill a murder hornet, a lot of the techniques aren’t too far off from usual wasp killing.

So here is my favorite way on how to kill a murder hornet:

  • Create bottle trap
  • Put orange soda and half of a raw hot dog at bottom
  • Wait for a few murder hornets to get trapped
  • Pour in malathion

Never be afraid to go in for the kill with the malathion. Murder hornets are smarter and will surprise you at times. Better off dead than trapped.

3. Hive Suffocation

  • Pros
    • When done properly suffocation will kill an entire hive without much mess.
  • Cons
    • Dangerous procedure, one slip up could lead to a swarm.

This is for the brave.

How To Kill A Murder Hornet

Essentially its a starve out. You want to block off the entry to the hive and hope the colony starves out before it digs its way out.

Here is an interesting read from 1973 believe it or not, as Japanese officials tried to explain the proper way to suffocate a hive in this document.

As always I suggest mixing this with poison. A lot of poison.

4. Blunt Force

  • Pros
    • If skilled enough, this is the quickest way to eliminate a single murder hornet.
    • A murder hornet left bludgeoned in the open will deter other murder hornets.
  • Cons
    • Don’t miss if you go for the swat method, that’s a given.
How To Kill A Murder Hornet

If all else fails you’ll have to fall back on the caveman strategy on how to kill a murder hornet. Good luck, humans have instincts don’t turn your back.


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