Lucid dreaming is the incredible ability to wake up your mind within your dreams and also realize you are dreaming. You can learn how to have a lucid sex dream by tonight. Follow the steps below.

how to have a lucid sex dream

How To Have A Lucid Sex Dream

As the name implies, lucid sex dream is having sex while in lucid dream.

Experiencing a lucid sex dreams is a healthy way to fulfill your sexual needs. It’s been scientifically proven that orgasms in lucid dreams can be real orgasms for both men and women. Orgasm in lucid dreams can be accompanied by real physical responses such as muscular reactions, an increased heart rate, and changes in vascular tissue. It is a prospect most people will have at one point or another, to be able to be intimate with a long-time crush, a celebrity, an ex-lover, and so on, without having to face the consequence in doing so in the real world.

Tips on how to have a lucid sex dream

how to have a lucid sex dream

In order to have lucid sex dream, there are tips or ideas you should follow, these will form the building blocks on which you can learn other induction techniques.

  • Avoid masturbation for a few days – Cutting down your masturbation increases your chances of having a lucid sex dream. If you hold back yourself from masturbating for a few days, your increased need for release can set the stage for sex in your dreams.
  • Meditate about sex before going to sleep – There is an important link between meditation and lucid dreaming. In both cases you aim to reach a pleasant self-awareness. Meditation is thoughtless; just feeling, sensing, watching, and listening.You can meditate anytime and in any position you feel comfortable with. To achieve sex lucid dreaming I recommend meditating several minutes in your bed, just before going to sleep.
  • Tell yourself to remember your dreams before going to sleep : Tell yourself clearly that you want to dream; you want to be aware that you are dreaming and you want to remember it. Repeat it before going to sleep, “I will lucid dream tonight”. You instruct your brain to realize when you are dreaming, especially during the pre-sleep phase.
  • Keep eye contact – Exactly like how keeping eye contact in real life can show sincerity and being truthful, so it is in the dream world. Eye contact is an extremely powerful tool, and doing this can greatly improve the chances that your lover or partner gives consent rather than suddenly change into a hideous beast.
  • Talk – Whenever you see any of your desired sexual partner in your dream, don’t just suddenly grab them and try to go straight into action. Talk to them first. Remember that whoever that partner is, they are projections of how you know and see that person from your own subconciousness, and as such that their motivations in that dream may not always be to have sex with you. Talking to them, learning about them, and in turn learning about you, helps create that necessary connection.
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Remember that lucid sex dream is an opportunity to explore your desires safely  and within the confines of your own mind, so don’t be afraid to spend the time and experiment. But as with anything, practice is fundamental, and if something is going wrong or not for your liking, simply take into account that you are in control, and can actually choose to wake up from the lucid sex dream experience.


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