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How To Be Popular In High School: 8 Flawless Strategies


High School to some was a blur. To others it was miserable. But on the flip side, there are plenty of people you probably know personally that say high school was the best 4 years of their life. That’s the only thing we all had common. It was 4 years for all of us. Did they know ‘how to be popular in high school’, or did it just come naturally to them? Four years of your life…Being popular in High School doesn’t mean everything, but it’s not nothing.

If you say it doesn’t matter you’re either lying or you didn’t experience/taste it. Popularity turns 4 years of hell into 4 years of fun. Not to mention it creates networking opportunities further down the line in life. Business Insider even goes as far to say that a higher level of popularity in High School will lead to a higher income. Most of this wouldn’t even surprise the average American, they know likely seen how treatment of an individual in High School can effect them later on in life. It’s why teenagers are constantly asking how to be popular in High School, college, work, everywhere. There is a clear reason. With a harsh answer. Just stay with me.

How To Be Popular In High School

WikiHow has an article, on ‘How To Be Popular In High School’ but it seems a little PC to me. So I’ll tell it how it really is.

And definitely don’t listen to this one…

I guess we should also get this out of the way, it’s totally ridiculous I’m writing an article on how to be popular in high school. But now that I am older and looking back, it’s more of a case study. To some, it seems to come natural. And to some, it actually does come natural. High School is a very strange time period for many experiencing the in between feeling of being a young adult/child. Insecurities are at an all time high, everyone is putting on a front, some people look like they are 12 and some look like they are 25. Oh wait! There is one other thing I forgot we all had in common. Everyone is attempting to avoid embarrassment, and increase their popularity. Especially at the expense of another student who they see as weaker because he stutters or gets sensitive.

how to be popular in high school

It’s a zoo. Testosterone filled validation seekers between the ages of 13-18 roaming the halls together. All trying to climb a social ladder at any costs. It’s unfair. As is life. But just like life, you must learn the rules, understand the cards you have been dealt, and play your game. This article is going to be raw. I want to sugarcoat it but that’s not the writer I am. If anything I’d avoid the topic but here you go. This will apply to over 80% of High Schools in America, I really guarantee it.

I hate to even say that this is an article explaining how to be popular in high school like it’s some promise. But the thing is, not everyone can raise their status, some have done too much damage. There are people who don’t care and that’s fine. It’s even funnier when someone tells you there are no popular people/tiers. He could deny it all he wanted, but while we played video games our sophomore year, sex and drugs were going on. There are people who sort of care because why not make 4 years better if I’m stuck there anyway. But that wasn’t even it for me. I just had to be there and I don’t know what drove me. So I figured it out. There are 8 ways to get popular in high school if it has not come naturally to you. I’ve listed them below. I used number 2 back in my day.

BUT to even further simplify it, there are three main schools of thought to create a standing for yourself and reach a degree of popularity in High School-

  1. Eat or be eaten
  2. Get political
  3. Alpha (the ones who don’t seem to try), be very attractive or very athletic.

With that in mind, on to the list:

1. Get With The Hot Girls

This will fall mostly under the Alpha school of thought, which I wanted to avoid as much as possible, but this one is just so effective I had to get it out of the way first.

How To Be Popular In High School

Every grade/school has at least 3-5 objective hotties. Meaning everyone knows it. If you can bag 1-2 of them, or start a relationship with one, then you are in. All the guys will immediately validate you and assume you are cool. As a bonus, other girls will be interested in you since you have just become validated as a sexual partner. Before you know it you will be invited to all the parties and work your way into the top tier clique.

2. Make Friends With A Hot Girl

How To Be Popular In High School

So you’re a little nerdy and under-developed, getting with one of the babes in the Junior class isn’t exactly and option for you. Time to play the nice guy. Most groups of popular kids are made up of the rich, the attractive, the athletes, and the hotties. Luckily for you, a lot of times one of these girls is smart. Just the way it goes. She may be in an AP History class or Calculus class with you. This is where you strike.

This is one of the rare times she may feel like an outsider. She doesn’t know any of the nerds, and the nerds are too afraid to introduce themselves.

Introduce yourself, say you’re an expert on the subject (lie if you aren’t), offer to tutor or even let her copy homework if she ever needs. Then cross your fingers. If she takes the help, find common interests, create an extremely platonic friendship. Act a little metro if you have to. The idea is that you are going to become her “nerdy, awkward, funny” school friend. This will eventually evolve. Although it is a much longer process, it can have the same end results as strategy number 10.

3. Never Back Down/Be A Savage 

So you get bullied? If so, it is very difficult to break the cycle. Luckily, I’ve found a way.

Next time a repeat offender bumps you for no reason, tries to rally up some laugh at your expense, throws out the annoying nickname. Anything that bothers you. I don’t care how big he is or how small you are. With your dominant hand throw a punch as hard as you can directly at the point of his nose. Then lower your body and wrap your arms around his knees while lifting up and driving forward with your hips. Do this correctly, and he will fall.

How To Be Popular In High School

Now, depending on his size, once this fight goes to the ground you may get the crap beat out of you. If your lucky maybe you’ll be the one on top wailing punches. Either way, High School fights get broken up in about 20 seconds tops. Schools know bullying is a problem, and while they may punish you, they know this is their problem they need to fix. A majority of parents would also be proud of their child for doing something when the school does nothing.

Do this until people stop screwing with you. Even if they win the fight every time they will stop, it’s not worth it. Serve your ISS. Return with respect. If nothing else you will be known as scrappy. And scrappy people are sometimes the scariest, because they are known to fight even when they will probably lose. A bullies worst enemy.

After an event like that, your name will spread through the school like wildfire. Continue to not take anyone’s nonsense. Eventually this will likely bring you back to step 1 or 2. A lot of people who you kind of wonder why is she so popular or why is he so popular. Sometimes they stood their ground early.

4. Throw House Parties

If you have the luxury of having parents who are on vacation a lot, or in a situation where you have an open house a lot. You have hit the High School popularity lottery.

How To Be Popular In High School

Every weekend that’s the number one question among High Schools “Where’s the party at?”

If the answer is your house, you’ve already made it. The tables have been flipped. The popular kids will begin reaching out to you trying to become friends. And if you become known as the kid who is constantly throwing parties, no one will be trying to cross you.

5. “How To Win Friends And Influence People”

“How To Win Friends And Influence People” is an extremely popular book written by Dale Carnegie. Essentially, it outlines ways to appeal to others egos, and in turn, earn their friendship. Sure, seems sociopathic, by by God is it effective. Meant to be a business book, the rules really apply to any sort of life with some sort of societal hierarchy.

Now my favorite part of the book is the discussion of the “farm dog”. The cow produces milk, the sheep produce wool, the chickens lay eggs, everyone animal has a purpose that objectively values the farm. Every animal except one. The farm dog. Since the bgeining of time he/she has been given a pass. No work, just fed and kept around because it provides joy.

How To Be Popular In High School

If you don’t have the looks, or the athletic ability, or the house open every weekend, you could still sneak into the tier 1 clique as the “farm dog”. The guy who gets super drunk and damages neighbors property when people dare him to. And then he gets dicks drawn on his head. Yeah, that guy.

It’s a tough process. It begins with targeting the most down-to-earth/nice member of the tier 1 group, or the one you have the closest relationship with. Do him favors, listen to him complain, be loyal, offer favors (drive everywhere) yes if you are brought into the circle you may be seen as the “dog” of the group, but it’s the price you pay for popularity. And it’s better than being on the outside. Plus from there, you can make moves to climb.

6. Be The Supplier

Hate to say it, but this is the quickest way to answering how the question of how to be popular in high school. What ever the hot commodity is at your school. Whether it be marijuana, adderall, etc, become the guy who can always get it.

How To Be Popular In High School

I hate to recommend this one because of it’s inherent risks. But if you can succeed at this, you will have made yourself a commodity. I’ve seen it work countless times. Classmates from all cliques will be forced to interact with you and with a bit of social charm, you can become friends with all of them while making some money at the same time. You’ll find yourself invited to every house party. Another situation where people are surprised as to why she is so popular or why he is so popular, they on the low low.

7. Have A Fake ID/A Way To Obtain Alcohol

How to be popular in High School? Ask McLovin. Separating this from number 6 because honestly, they are very different.

It you can get yourself an effective fake ID, or a reliable way to obtain alcohol (cool brother, alcoholic parents), you just may be able to take a page out of Super Bad.

How To Be Popular In High School

To a group of high school girls, the guy who was able to “trick” the gas station into selling him alcohol is a serious rebel. Tying into point 6, this will make you a commodity. If someone asks or you to help them get booze, say it’s not a problem, as long as you’re getting an invite to the party that is.

8. Be Athletic Or Attractive

First things first, are you sure you’re not athletic? Are you sure you aren’t attractive? Because I know i keep saying it, but that’s ACTUALLY the easiest way for someone looking how to be popular in high school.

How To Be Popular In High School
Cute Or Fit, Either Will Work

Do you have built up anger you think you could take out on the football team if you were to join? You just may surprise yourself. It is a game that requires players of all different skill sets.

As for appearance, unless it’s because you’re waiting on puberty, it’s probably how you dress or groom. Wear more casual untucked button downs from H&M or pull overs from J Crew. And less basketball shorts and white Tees.

Shave. And wear cologne. My suggestion? Versace Versace, all girls love this one. But pretty much anything Versace and Calvin Klein.

So you’re going to have to choose of these routes. Or be rich and.or famous obviously. Prove me wrong, make a number 9.

As of now, you can see that if you aren’t socially crafty or athletic, these are your other options on how to be popular in high school:

How To Be Popular In High School

There you have it, how to be popular in high school. Or how to get popular in high school.

Another article on how to be popular in high school.

If all else fails, whatever. College is really where it’s at. Pretty much every slays…sarcasm?


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