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Hoboken Drag Queen Story Hour Causing Small City To Make Headlines

hoboken draq queen story hour

Hoboken, New Jersey is the latest spot in America to receive an overwhelming amount of attention and press in regards to a Hoboken Drag Queen Story Hour at the local library. 

Despite what your beliefs may be on the topic, it’s understandable that residents of the quiet area of Hoboken are left scratching their heads.

Why take on the controversy when your state is already among one of the most liberal. 

hoboken draq queen story hour

We spoke to local reporters and residents of Hoboken and one thing is for sure – no one believes that there is no ulterior motive here. Local reporters in Hoboken have deemed it to be one of two possibilities. (Obviously this is only theorizing, but given the graphic nature of some of these books, it does raise the question as to why a seemingly religious/family oriented mayor would want to bring this subject to light in his town).

Possibility 1 – Smokescreen

It’s every politicians favorite move, and we did a little digging on Ravi.

He has been doing A LOT of city renovations. Despite the fact that the state says they are probably sinking. That didn’t stop him from signing a deal with Hilton and giving him a little slice on the side.

The guy is literally an acting partner at an active private law firm that specializes in government contracts. AKA ripping off cities and putting money into the pockets of developers and/or mobsters.

THIS is who the people of Hoboken elected. 

So no to me it would not be a surprise if this was his last vanishing act before stealing another couple hundred thousand dollars from the clearly very unobservant tax payers in Hoboken. 

He has a lot of blueprints and cashed checks to explain – a show with a drag queen is the perfect grand exit. Have Jersey fight over a few books while the Mayor takes his family to Miami. 

Possibility 2 – Hoboken Wants Publicity 

Maybe Hoboken politicians are sick of being so close to Manhattan but still getting no recognition for existing. 

What could make the entire country look at Hoboken?

hoboken draq queen story hour

I mean… it would work. Is the Mayor diabolical enough to do this?

The same thing that make everyone look at random ass towns in Denver or Oregon, Hoboken drag queen story hour! Genius. Now all of Twitter is buzzing and now more people in Virginia have heard of Hoboken. But was it really worth it? 

Going Past The Possibilities – Hoboken Drag Queen Story Hour

I will say… these books look like they are a little crazy to show to kids. Like worse than showing a 5 year old early seasons of South Park. But that’s not just my opinion. I’m no doctor. 

But I definitely didn’t need my teacher or librarian putting EXTRA ideas in my head. That’s for sure. 

You can tell from the titles but some of these are pretty graphic. I actually red lined some of it. This is from the book “Gender Queer”.

We will see how this blows over in Hoboken. As of now the Mayor says he “will not budge due to hate”. 

Either way Hoboken does deserve to be on the map a little more. It’s quiet but it really is just a stones throw away from the city. 

Will Hoboken Drag Queen Story Hour Bring More People To Hoboken?

Hard to say – but there are a lot of nice things to say about Hoboken.

Hoboken, New Jersey, tucked away on the Hudson River’s western banks, is a gem often overlooked when compared to its mighty neighbor across the river, New York City. But don’t let its modest size fool you – Hoboken offers a quality of life and character that can outshine even the most famous metropolises.

Accessibility and Commute

One of Hoboken’s greatest assets is its strategic location and excellent transportation links. Just a stone’s throw away from Manhattan, Hoboken provides easy access to New York City via PATH trains, NJ Transit buses, and ferries. The city is also extremely walkable and bike-friendly, with bike lanes crisscrossing the town. These options ensure that commuting, whether for work or play, is convenient and stress-free.

Waterfront Views and Green Spaces

Hoboken boasts an impressive waterfront, providing residents and visitors alike with stunning views of the New York City skyline. The walkway along the water’s edge is a vibrant hub of activity and relaxation, with plentiful benches, green spaces, and an array of eateries and cafes. You can also find the tranquil beauty of Pier C Park and the larger Hoboken Waterfront Park. These green spaces offer playgrounds, fishing piers, and perfect picnic spots, an urban oasis for families and nature lovers.

Strong Sense of Community

Despite its urban location, Hoboken has a strong sense of community that often eludes larger cities. The city hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and various food and drink festivals. These community-focused events bring residents together and foster a neighborly atmosphere. In addition, the city’s diverse population creates a multicultural environment that’s welcoming to all.

Dining and Nightlife

The dining scene in Hoboken is a food lover’s paradise. You’ll find a vast array of dining options ranging from iconic local eateries, like the world-famous Carlo’s Bakery, to high-end restaurants and international cuisines. Hoboken’s nightlife is equally exciting, with countless bars and music venues to explore.

Historic Charm

Hoboken is steeped in history, which is reflected in its beautiful architecture. From the charming brownstones that line its leafy streets to the iconic Hoboken Terminal with its copper-clad clock tower, the city exudes historic charm. You’ll also find interesting museums such as the Hoboken Historical Museum, which provides an immersive look at the city’s past.

Quality Education

For families with children, Hoboken’s educational offerings are strong. The city hosts several high-performing public, private, and charter schools. Additionally, the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology, a leading private research university, calls Hoboken home.


All things considered, Hoboken provides a fantastic quality of life for its residents. Its close proximity to New York City, combined with its unique charm, a vibrant food and entertainment scene, strong community ties, and impressive educational facilities, make Hoboken a great place to call home. Whether you’re a young professional looking for an easy commute, a family seeking a friendly community, or a retiree looking for a city with character, you might just find that Hoboken, New Jersey is the place for you.


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